Zeek review – buy gift vouchers below face value & get £5 FREE

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With Christmas fast approaching, many of us are looking at ways to save a bit extra money. This is where Zeek is perfect. Zeek is a great app that helps you to both save money on vouchers and sell on your unwanted vouchers for cash. You will need to download the Zeek app (which is free!). It is available on both iOS and Android.

Zeek review - buy gift vouchers below face value & get £3 FREE

Buying vouchers for less than face value

Whilst the savings aren't massive, you can easily save anything from 4% plus by purchasing your vouchers from Zeek. There are loads of vouchers to choose from, including Apple, Amazon, Sainsbury's, Argos, H Samuel, Boots, Cineworld and so many more. We love ordering supermarket vouchers or Nando's vouchers, saving us money on our usual spending.

Simply choose the voucher that you need and find the face value and deal that suits you. Then you can use your £5 code (see below) to get a further £5 off your first order.

Electronic vouchers are delivered immediately, and physical vouchers are posted out to you.

Even better, Zeek will use several verification procedures to ensure that the vouchers listed are legitimate, and that your details are kept secure throughout the process.

My experience with Zeek

I was kindly offered some credit to spend on gift vouchers at Zeek. We are in the middle of a house move which is leaving us with very little time and also not much money (moving is expensive!). I decided to use the credit to treat ourselves to some vouchers we can use at Nando's. This means that whenever we are too overwhelmed with the move we know that we have a free meal (and a free trip to the cinema thanks to our Cineworld Unlimited cards) waiting for us.

The vouchers arrived within 3 days after ordering, delivered by recorded delivery. Spending them is really simple too, they're just a normal gift card that you might get at Christmas etc.

Really easy, hassle free and £50 worth of vouchers would have cost us £46.

Selling your unwanted vouchers

Selling on Zeek is really simple – just open up the app and start listing your voucher for sale. You will need to provide a photograph of the voucher and some details such as the face value and expiry date. You then decide how much of a discount you want to offer – the bigger the discount, the faster your voucher will sell.

Zeek charge a £3 processing fee for selling your voucher, but before you submit your voucher for sale you will see exactly how much money you will be walking away with.

Get £5 free

If you are interested in trying Zeek, and getting £5 free towards your first purchase then once you have downloaded the app, enter code 2ZY1KIA6 to get £5 added to your account for free!

This £5 can be used towards any voucher, but if you purchase a voucher for £5 then Zeek will charge a £1 admin fee – so it is better to go for something with a higher face value.

Zeek review - buy gift vouchers below face value & get £3 FREE



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