Zapper: Sell unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games

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Zapper_ Sell unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games

I stumbled across a new website, similar to Music Magpie, but this site also accepts books for sale, which has been extremely useful! For years now I've been wanting a site like Music Magpie who will offer a set price for books without the faff of listing them on Amazon, Play, eBay etc. Zapper is that site.

Zapper_ Sell unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games

Not only do Zapper accept books, but they also accept some CD singles, which no other site does. Getting started is easy – you take some books, DVDs, CDs and games, type the barcodes in and if Zapper accepts them they will offer you a price for your items. You then parcel off your items, print off the Freepost label and take your parcel to the Post Office.

Now I'll be honest, Zapper don't accept everything. I sent off 21 items (including CD singles, a £5 book and a couple of DVDs) and only received £13.99. Postage is free though and the site is so easy to use that I was thrilled. I had to go through roughly 5 large boxes of books to make my parcel, so it can be rather tedious, as they don't accept every title. But most of the books I have were given to us by charity shops because even THEY couldn't sell them…so there's some real tat there. I did find that they accepted some DVDs and CDs that Music Magpie had denied. I posted my parcel on a Thursday, and by the following Tuesday I received an e-mail to say that my parcel had arrived and my cheque was being dispatched that same day. That was 8 days ago and I'm hoping my cheque will be waiting for me at home today.

Your list has to total £10 or above before you can send your parcel in, so if you're planning on sending a large number of items then I'd suggest separating some “higher valued” items into different lists, or else you'll be unable to carry your parcel to the Post Office! My current list has 21 items in, a lot of them are quite bulky, so I'm going to add one more £5 book and call that parcel complete.

Overall I'm extremely impressed with Zapper. It is quite a lot of effort – for my current list I've been through 7 boxes of books so far and still am not at the £10 minimum, but I'm so happy to have found a site which pays for books.

Zapper_ Sell unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games



5 Comments on “Zapper: Sell unwanted books, CDs, DVDs and games”

  1. This is fab! I have been looking for a site that I can bulk-sell books on as I have more of them than anything else – I also was wondering about the cd single thing tonight (I was selling a bunch of stuff on music magpie and it crossed my mind) so I’ll definitely give this one a go. Thanks!

  2. rubbish site, you can spend light years listing the titles, only for the pillocks to declare we aren’t accepting this title, whenthey finally do accept something they offer you ridiculous prices like 10p or 13p for 29.99 books, don’t even consider wasting your time with these along with webuybooks, both a pile of excrement.

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