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The less we talk about June's car boot sale challenge, the better. All the items are in a massive jumble, and round my Dad's house, so they needed to be sorted. I could have gone over and spent a few hours sorting the items out, but instead I decided that we should have a yard sale! Meaning I could spread everything over our driveway and get everything into a sensible order – and if I'm lucky, we could make some money. I had toyed with the idea before, but a few weeks ago we were driving home one Saturday and came across two yard sales – one where I got some Lego destined for selling, and the other where they wanted ridiculous prices for the items they had. But it meant that an idea was forming in my head, and when we got home to discover that the village church, a few yards from our house, would be having a fun day on Saturday, my mind was made up.

I made an image (thanks to Photoshop) detailing the yard sale with the date and times, a rough list of what we were selling and the location. Luckily we live opposite a shop, so instead of advertising our address I was able to state that it was ‘near X Shop'. You could also leave the address off and ask people to message you for more details. I then put this image on Facebook and shared it with all the selling groups I'm a member of (check their rules first!). I also made a cardboard sign simply stating ‘Yard Sale Sat 8 June' and put it outside our house on Tuesday evening (after checking the BBC Weather 5 day forecast). I didn't bother with putting posters up anywhere for two reasons – firstly being that we'd get a lot of potential buyers from the church fun day and shop just opposite our house and secondly because a large majority of the shops charge for putting adverts up. A yard sale is totally new territory to me, so I didn't want to waste any money!

On the day my Dad came over with a car load of things from his shed, and made a comment about how my brother used to watch cartoons on a Saturday morning, yet here I am setting up a yard sale on my Saturday morning. I think this sums me up extremely well!

We set up at around 9.30 and started packing up around 2.30. We could have probably gone on for longer but it was a cold day (I thought June was summertime…). There were quiet periods, but often there was an influx of customers. Being at home really made all the difference – Tony and I took breaks in half hour chunks meaning that I could whizz around the house getting chores done. I'm not quite sure what he managed to get done – I can only imagine it was some XBox gaming.

The difference between having a yard sale and doing a boot sale is that a yard sale was out of the ordinary – people were really taking their time to look at items, and things that hadn't even been noticed at boot sales were being sold. People were also willing to pay us more than we were asking for, which was lovely! I found that no one wanted to haggle – the price was the price and it was paid, no questions asked! We also managed to sell some more bulky items that wouldn't be worth taking to a boot sale, simply because of the space they would take up in the car.

Whilst packing up I decided to photograph everything in job lots for eBay – a cosmetic lot, a comic book lot, a clothing lot, a craft lot and then ‘everything else' lot which are now all sat on eBay for collection only.

After we totalled up the money we'd discovered that we made a lovely £61.10! Considering we didn't have to leave the house, pay for any petrol or stall fees, I was absolutely thrilled.

A great idea I've seen is to have a village/town wide yard sale – someone organises this where a map is printed, and on one set date loads of people have yard sales. My village did one last year and it was very successful for buyers and sellers. Those who couldn't so a yard sale for whatever reason were also allowed to set up a stall in the village hall. It might be worth checking to see if something like that is happening in your area, or if you're feeling brave enough, setting one up yourself!

So, would I do it again? I'd have to say yes! Not having to pay for petrol, not having to pay for a stall and also being right at home when nature called was lovely! It was a shame that the day was overcast, it would have made an even nicer day had the sun decided to come out.

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  1. well done on holding your yard sale – this is something i have been thinking about doing for ages but wasn’t sure about advertising it. I live beside a busy road but in the back end of no-where so have been thinking about just putting a table out front and seeing what happens 🙂

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