How to win the cost of your shopping

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In the run up to Christmas, many of us are turning to online ordering, especially in the run up to Christmas. What if I told you that you could win back the entire cost of your shop? Not in some prize draw that happens months from now, or even once a year…but with Boom25, every 25th shop wins back their entire purchase amount, whether it is a bag of sweets or a trip around the world.

How it works

Boom25 is a new and exciting way to shop online, offering a different approach to traditional cash back websites. Instead of earning a small amount of cash back per purchase, you are entered into a draw to win the cost of your purchase back. Every 25th purchase will win the cost of their purchase back, from sweets to flights around the world – the biggest win to date has been a whopping £3,670.

Here's how it works:

  1. Register for Boom25 – you only need to provide your name, email address and set a password.
  2. Click through to your chosen retailer. There are over 600 retailers to choose from, with more being added regularly.
  3. Once you have made a purchase you are automatically entered into the competition.
  4. Boom25 will collect a pot of cash from the commission they earn.
  5. Every 25th shopper gets their transaction paid out via Paypal.

Winners are notified of their win by email.

How many people have won with Boom25?

There are over 100,000 members of the Boom25 community, with over £229,000 paid out to date. The biggest win to date has been £3,670!

You can take a look at the Boom25 home page to see the latest winners, including where they shopped and how much they have won.

What's the difference from regular cash back websites?

Traditional cash back websites offer a guaranteed amount of cash back from your purchases, which is great if you are looking to get cash back when you shop online. However if you are looking for a bit of fun and the chance to win big, then Boom25 is for you. Boom25 allows you to enjoy the thrill of getting the chance to win a decent cash prize. With every 25th purchase winning, you aren't waiting around for a prize draw that happens in a few months.

Earn with the Boom25 refer a friend scheme

Boom25 have a very generous referral program, where you can earn a £2 bonus for every friend you refer. Once your friend has made a qualifying purchase you will get your bonus.

You won't be waiting around too long to receive your referral bonus. Once you have accumulated at least £10 (from 5 successful referrals) then you can withdraw your money.

My verdict on Boom25

If you enjoy the thrill of a competition, with a good chance of winning, then Boom25 is for you! It is like playing the lottery without having to pay out for tickets – you just make your usual purchases. There have been plenty of winners and I love the idea of winning back my entire purchase. In the future I'll split my shopping between traditional cash back websites and Boom25.

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