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Lucky Phone is a free daily prize draw, with 2 daily draws at midnight every day. The two draws are Lucky Dip and the main draw. Enter code ALDI50 when you register to get 50 extra points.

Lucky Dip

Once registered, you are given a luck dip set of 9 numbers. These 9 numbers will never change, and they will be used to automatically enter you into the Lucky Dip Draw. You can match anything from 7 to 9 numbers, earning between 25-50 points. Enter code ALDI50 when you register to get 50 extra points.

Main draw

If you add a phone number to your account, the last nine digits of your telephone number are arranged in numerical order (for security reasons). These numbers are  then used for the daily main draw. At the moment the prize for this is at least £10 a day, more if it hasn't been won. You can add up to 6 phone numbers to be entered into the draw.

Is the phone number secure?

Firstly, you can still play Lucky Phone without adding your phone number by playing the daily Lucky Dip. Lucky Phone are very keen to protect your phone number, and they have answered this in their FAQs.


ABSOLUTELY! Due to the nature of the game telephone numbers entered are confirmed by us and must be real and correct.

We want you to feel secure in the knowledge that nothing will happen with your phone numbers apart from using them to enter the draws.

Other players have left some glowing testimonials to help put your mind at ease.

The most important aspect of this website is your security and anonymity so the following will always be in force:

1. Telephone numbers will only be shown in full on the site to the registered player who activated that number.

2. Telephone numbers will NEVER be sold/transferred or in any way made available to any third parties. Without other relevant information such as a name the phone numbers are not much use on their own which is why we made registering as anonymous as possible.

3. Lucky Phone has been fully vetted by external sources in order to use the best site security possible. More info.

4. Lucky Phone are members of the Data Protection Register. More info from the ICO website.

5. If you really don't want to add telephone numbers to your account you don't have to! Every activated account is given a random 9 digit number which is entered into all ‘lucky dip' draws.

Withdrawing your winnings

If you don't win a main draw, you can still accumulate points to redeem. Once you reach 1,000 points you can withdraw £10 via Paypal, bank transfer or cheque.

How the prizes are funded

Websites like Lucky Phone are funded from their advertising revenue. The more visitors they get, the more advertising revenue they make, so they encourage users to click through every day by offering a cash prize. This isn't a few idea – there are many other sites operating on this same method.

My verdict

I love the idea behind Lucky Phone, and I have been sure to check my draws daily. Whilst I haven't won any of the main draws, I have accumulated some points along the way. Enter code ALDI50 when you register to get 50 extra points.

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