Win Cash for Free with Freemoji Lottery

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Win Cash for Free with Freemoji Lottery

Many of us try our luck each week on the national lottery, it’s easy to spend a quick £2 here and there, in the hope that we will get lucky. If you were to buy a lottery ticket every week for the price of £2, that would add up to £104 over the course of a year- money that could be easily saved and spent on something that you really need.

Luckily, there are now online lotteries that still give you the chance to win cash- but are completely free to enter. If you love playing the lottery, this means that you can still get the thrill of playing, but without wasting your money on the tickets.

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Freemoji Lottery

One online daily lottery you could try is the Freemoji Lottery. The Freemoji Lottery is a totally free (hence the name!) way to have a chance at winning some extra cash every day. There are no hidden costs and no sign-up fees- the lottery runs on advertising revenue, so there are no fees for you to pay. To play the Freemoji Lottery, all you have to do is pick a sequence of 5 emojis to enter the daily prize draws, and check back later to see if you’ve won- the winner is chosen at random at 7pm GMT each day.  

Playing the Freemoji Lottery is completely safe and your winnings are paid out via PayPal. Payment will be made in US dollars, within 7 to 10 business days, but usually sooner. You won’t be notified if your combination is the winning one, so it’s vital to check the website at 7pm each day. To claim your prize, all you need to do is visit the site and press the ‘claim your winnings’ button before the next draw. This button only appears to the winner, so this is how you will know if your combination has won. When you claim your winnings, you will receive confirmation of your prize via email.

Win Cash for Free

There are two daily draws- which double your chances of winning! There is the ‘Main’ draw for the larger prize pot, of which there can only be one winner. But, there is also the ‘Fivers’ draw, where 5 emoji combinations are drawn each day, and each winning combination will win 5 dollars. All players eligible for the Main draw will also be entered into the Fivers draw- you will automatically be entered into both draws each day.

Players can only register once, and must be aged 18 years or over. You can only have one emoji combination and one email registered at one time, so get familiar with your combination and get into the habit of checking the site after 7pm each day to see whether your combination is one of the lucky ones. You can check the ‘Draw History’ page to see which combinations have won in the past- and also how much their prize was worth. For testimonials, check out the Freemoji Lottery twitter feed where lots of lucky winners have tweeted their joy of winning prize pots worth over 700 dollars!

Win Cash for Free with Freemoji Lottery

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