Win cash daily with Number Plate Lotto

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I love free daily draws, they are a simple way to boost your income if you are lucky enough to win. One of the newest ones to crop up is Number Plate Lotto.

How it works

Number Plate Lotto is a free to enter lottery, and all members have the opportunity to win free money on a daily basis! To enter, simply enter your car number plate and email address. Then simple check the website every day to see if you are a winner, after the daily draw at 9pm. If you are lucky enough to win then there will be a “claim money” button next to the winning number plate.

If no one collects their winnings then the jackpot will roll over to the following day. At the moment you can win £10 per day, but this might change in the future. Winnings are paid out via Paypal, normally within 24 hours of the claim being verified.

Referral draw

Not only can you win cash daily, but there is also a referral program! For every friend or family member that you refer, you earn a 5p bonus. Once you have reached 100 referrals then you will be paid £5. What's more, there is a monthly referral draw, with prizes of £25 cash.

You have nothing to lose with these free daily draws! I have won numerous times, which has helped to boost my online income!

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