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I love a free daily lottery, and Badger The Button is the latest website I am trying out. At the moment the daily prize is £10, funded by the website's advertisers. I have even been lucky enough to win the daily draw myself, and I had the cash within hours!

Here's how it works:

  1. Sign up to Badger The Button. It is really quick and simple.
  2. Registered players are automatically entered into the Daily Draw to win £10. You will get 1 free entry to the Daily Draw and can earn more by ‘Badgering' the Button.
  3. ‘Badger the Button' on the game page throughout the day to earn more free tickets. The more tickets you have, the more chance of winning the jackpot.
  4. If your button is gold when you come to the site, you’ve won the prize! Click the gold button within the 12 hour claim window to win your cash prize. If the winner doesn’t claim it, the money rolls over to the next draw until it’s won.

You can also boost your earnings by referring your friends and family to join Badger The Button.

Refer your friends and family to increase your bonus funds and when you win, you win the jackpot plus your bonus. Your bonus increases even after you win, so keep referring more people to earn more.

I won!

On the 11th August 2016 I logged in to find that I was the daily winner! I won the £10 prize draw and my referral bonus which was £2.43, for a total of £12.43. The money was paid out almost immediately and paid into my Paypal account.

Badger The Button Winner

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