Why You Will Regret Signing Up To TalkTalk

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In a recent survey by Ofcom, TalkTalk was voted the UK’s worst broadband provider for the second year in a row. So how is it that they have over 3 million subscribers? Surely people should see all the signs that they offer a poor service and then choose another provider?

The reality is that three-quarters of the UK broadband market is controlled by companies with reputations for providing slow connections and poor customer service. They manage to maintain this market share by offering low introductory deals and locking customers into lengthy and ambiguous contracts.

If you’re thinking about signing up for TalkTalk, consider the following statistics from the Ofcom report.

18% of TalkTalk customers had reason to complain in 2017

In total, TalkTalk handled 113 complaints per 100,000 customers in 2017. Of these complaints, only 40% of them were handled in a satisfactory way according to the survey. TalkTalk performed the worst out of any other broadband provider for handling complaints.

Only 39% of complaints were lodged correctly

Of all the complaints made to TalkTalk, only 39% of customers reported that their complaints were lodged correctly. This often results in multiple calls about the same issue and repeating yourself to multiple advisors just to get the issue resolved. Having a complaint is bad enough, but having to repeat yourself on multiple phone calls makes the whole experience even worse. As a result, only 25% of customer complaints to TalkTalk were resolved on the first contact.

13% of complaints were regarding contract issues

The most common kind of complaint to TalkTalk was regarding the quality of service, but worryingly, the second most common complaint was about contract issues. When TalkTalk was hit with a cybersecurity breach in 2017, many customers started to look for ways to switch providers but found that their contracts were opaque and unyielding. Many customers stay with contracts for longer than they need to and face unfair price hikes just because their contracts are difficult to get out of. This is one reason that you might want to avoid TalkTalk altogether.

If you are with TalkTalk and are thinking about switching providers, there may be a way you can get out of your contract without paying an exit fee. As a result of the cybersecurity breach, you may be able to argue that you are concerned about the future safety of your data with the company. To get in touch with TalkTalk to discuss leaving their service, use the phone number provided on our TalkTalk numbers page. This will help you to connect to the correct department to be able to handle your complaint quickly and efficiently.

While it might seem like all broadband providers are as bad as each other, there is hope on the horizon for unhappy customers. In March 2019, Ofcom is introducing mandatory compensation for a loss of service. Customers will no longer have to request compensation for a loss of service.

This means that if your broadband connection is lost and the provider doesn’t fix it within two days, you will receive £8 compensation per day of lost connection. If a broadband provider misses an appointment with you, you will receive £25 compensation. And if the provider misses the start day of your service, you will receive £5 per missed day.

So, in a single month, if your broadband provider misses an appointment to install your broadband, which then delays it for 3 days and you then lose connection for 5 days, you would automatically be rewarded £80 in compensation. This is likely to be a huge incentive for broadband providers to offer a better level of service.

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