Why you should buy furniture that’s made to last

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As you have probably heard and read about countless times, we are living in a consumerist culture where buying cheap and replaceable goods is the norm. This is environmentally damaging and has built an expectation that once your cheap item has worn out after a year or two, you replace it with something just as cheap. As you know, I am all for a bargain, but if something cheap wears out after a year or two, are you really getting the most for your money?

As consumers, unless we are experts in furniture manufacturing, we are not able to tell the real quality and longevity of furniture at a glance. For example, would you really know quality upholstery stitching on a chair versus mediocre stitching? I know I wouldn’t. We need help to determine the true value of high ticket items such as furniture, and this is where MADE TO LAST comes in. MADE TO LAST offers product guarantees on every item that is sold on their website, we can tell that the products are high quality from their long life expectancy-some of their sofa bed frames even have a lifetime guarantee!

Investing in quality pieces doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on design. The MADE TO LAST sofa beds come in so many beautiful shapes, and you can customise the upholstery to suit the colour scheme in your home. This company spent over a year searching the UK for the best sofa bed manufacturer- the one that they found was extremely impressive and started as a mattress company, so you know that these sofa beds are fantastic quality and most importantly, comfortable to sleep on.

MADE TO LAST lighting ranges also come with a product guarantee, many up to 25 years! Instead of buying a lamp with a shade that warps after a year, you can be sure that you won’t have to buy another lamp for the next quarter century. This is a much more sustainable approach to buying- even if you fork out £108 for their vintage cage table lamp, you can be sure that this investment will stand the test of time. If you bought a new cheap lamp every 5 years at the cost of £30, for 25 years, this would still see you spending more money than if you made that initial investment of £108- you would also be contributing to environmental damage by discarding 5 broken lamps over the course of 25 years.

MADE TO LAST products also come with the accolade of being ‘Made in Britain,’ which is a rarity in this day and age, and is usually associated with products of high value and craftsmanship- this is evident in the products that are sold by this company. By buying something that has been made in the British Isles, we are supporting local industries and craftspeople- and another upside of this is that the price of the product doesn’t include additional costs such as international transportation.

Investing in usable, quality products is more economical for our wallets, but also more sustainable for the environment. A bargain is only a bargain if you get true value for your money, MADE TO LAST like to remind its customers of something that Benjamin Franklin once said:

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.

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