Where we source items for reselling

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Where we source items for our reselling business on eBay

Earlier this year we started our reselling business, and we have been having a blast. One of the things we learned very early on was that we can't source everywhere. Our local charity shops have priced us out with £5 for used Disney DVD that sells brand new for £6.98 on Amazon. It has been a steep learning curve, and here's all the places that we source items for reselling.

What is reselling?

Reselling is where you buy something to sell, or flip, for a higher profit. You can resell it anywhere, but eBay and Amazon are both very popular. You can read more about our own reselling adventure here.

Source items for reselling from eBay

It sounds crazy to buy items to sell on eBay from eBay, but it has worked for us and many other resellers. We just stick to looking for job lots for collection only, however you could keep an eye out for specific products that you want to resell. Every job lot we have bought has made us profit within days!

I would recommend that you make any purchases through a private eBay account, so that your potential buyers can't see the mark up you are making on products.

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source items for reselling from Car boot sales

Car boot sale season is fantastic for purchasing items to resell on eBay. We have found them to have the best variety of items for sale, as well as some of the best prices! They aren't always the best prices though – a lot of sellers check eBay before pricing their items, not understanding that you can't expect to get eBay prices at a car boot sale. However, for every seller charging eBay prices, you will find the opposite – sellers who just want rid and will price their items extremely well.

Source items for reselling from Charity shops

If you watch reselling hauls then you know that a lot of resellers purchase their items from charity shops. We live in an expensive area where we have been priced out of the charity shops, however if we are visiting a different area then we pop into the charity shops there.

source items for reselling from Auctions

We were very lucky to stumble across a local auction, and since then we have become addicted! Our auction is run by a charity, which means that we don't pay commission on items we sell. It also means that we can pick up some amazing finds, often for £1 or £2 per box full.

You can either choose to stay for the entire auction (which is how we started), or place bids beforehand. There are two auctions per week, and we visit the morning of, or the day before, and place our bids. This saves us so much time, because each auction can take 5 or more hours.

Facebook Groups & Marketplace

Facebook is another great place to find items to resell, either by using the Marketplace or Facebook selling groups. We've bought a handful of items from Facebook, but we don't dedicate too much time to looking. We've found that we get let down a lot by Facebook sellers, but we have still grabbed a few reselling bargains.

Friends and family

This won't be news to you – listing on eBay can be really boring and a lot of hard work. That's before the item has sold and needs to be sent to the buyer. A lot of people are put off by this, or they simply don't have the time. Once our friends and family hear that we are reselling on eBay, the often give us items to sell. Sometimes they'll split the profit, other times they'll just donate items for us to resell. Either way, it is a win-win situation.

Gumtree & Shpock

Gumtree and Shpock are other  excellent place to find items for reselling! We haven't had much luck in our area – people don't seem to post to Gumtree or Shpock very often, however we have managed to get the odd bargain for reselling.


This one is a lie – we don't actually source our items from Freecycle, but I have heard about lots of resellers who openly do this. Whilst getting stock for free sounds amazing, it also doesn't sit well with me. What do you think, would you get reselling stock from Freecycle?

Where we source items for our reselling business on eBay

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  1. I’ve used Freecycle a few times for stock but I always say what its for and to let me know if they have no interest, Quite often people aren’t bothered as they just want rid and on a few occasions when they’ve said they would prefer to give it someone who needs it have contacted me later to say that the person hasn’t shown up and can have it if I collect that evening. Ive had a VHS to DVD player, DVDs, clothes bundles, books and two fridge freezers. One big lot of clothing was from a hotel clearing out its lost property. As long as your honest people don’t mind. 🙂

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