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I love a good competition and I try to make time to enter them every day – even if I only manage one Twitter competition! In the past I have been lucky enough to win a £3,000 holiday, a week in a cottage in Cornwall, skin care hampers, tickets to events and so much more.


There are so many competition websites out there, but I wanted to introduce you to one of my favourites, Competition Database.


Creating an account at Competition Database is completely free! By creating an account you can easily mark competitions as entered or ignore them (for a few hours, for a day and even ignore them entirely). What's more, you will receive a notification when the winners have been announced for competitions that you have entered, so you can easily check if you have been a winner.


Competition Database has some great filtering options too, whatever your comping preferences are! If you prefer to chase high value items or international holidays, you can select these options. If you prefer to only enter Twitter competitions for cash or vouchers then you can filter on these options too!

If you are competitive then there are even ways to earn points on the website – submitting competitions, entering competitions, submitting winners and more!

I have been using Competition Database for a few months ever since Rebecca introduced me to it!

Do you enter competitions? If so, be sure to check out my tips for entering and winning competitions.

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5 Comments on “Where I find competitions to enter”

  1. Thank you for this Emma. I enjoy competitions and even won one the day I was born! Well Dad did enter my name on the entry form at a local Chamber of Commerce do. I won a silver propelling pencil at just a few hours old! He was a prolific winner.

  2. Looks much better than the one I currently use. I enter a lot of competitions I find then fun and enjoy winning and seeing others win! Wierd I know but I’m a soft one.

  3. Thanks for this Emma, I always love reading your posts. Just a quick quick question for you, how do you make your Twitter feed look like your not a comper as I have heard more and more that the comp holder don’t like compers winning there prizes, do you do a sweep of your Twitter and delete comps down your feed ? Thanks Hun x

    1. I haven’t been able to solve this one really. I now use my blog Twitter a bit more as I’ve got a lot of followers and a lot of “natural” tweets, but my “comping” Twitter account hasn’t won anything for at least a year. Could you use something like Buffer to schedule some chatty tweets throughout the day? You can schedule ten for free, so maybe two a day?

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