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Getting paid to test websites is a great way to boost your income, and you can earn yourself £8 for every website you test with WhatUsersDo.


How to earn:

Earning with WhatUsersDo is easy. You will need a microphone (either in built or you can pick one up cheaply from Poundland or this one is cheap at Amazon. Sign up for WhatUsersDo and complete their brief introductory quiz. Once accepted, you will earn £5 for each website you evaluate. All you need to do is follow the instructions and navigate the w

Payment method(s) and thresholds:

Payments are made once a month, on the 25th, for the previous month's earnings. Payment is made via Paypal.

My verdict:

Tests don't hang around for long, so try to log on as soon as you receive the email. I am online a lot and yet out of six tests I have only managed to be quick enough to get one. This is definitely one of the more fun ways to earn cash. Tests are quick to complete, often not taking more than 20 minutes.

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