What’s Awesome in Poundland in October 2017

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What's Awesome in Poundland in October 2017

Every month I visit Poundland to bring you my favourite finds. With Halloween later this month there have been plenty of spooky things to choose from, as well as other great bargains. Keep reading to find what's awesome in Poundland October 2017 or scroll down to watch this month's video.

What's Awesome in Poundland October 2017

I know Halloween isn't even over yet, but I have to include some Christmas items! The advent calendars have made their way into Poundland already.

Admittedly it isn't £1, but these £5 tins of Dulux are great value.

Crazy cat people alert: these big bags of Dreamies are £2…currently £2.50 in B&M

This glass vase is stunning!

Copper apple (plus a reflection of me, Tony and my Dad <3)

This rabbit is really cool – he's sort of bronze dusted and beautiful.

Nail polish is always worth a look – this time I spotted Barry M magnetic nail polish.

And of course, Kylie Jenner Sinful Colours.

This make up blending brush looks good – I'm kicking myself for not picking it up.

Batmobile bubble bath? I'm there.

If you need to smell like Christmas, this is for you. Also good for Christmas hampers!

I found out about Poundland's sex toy range from Charlotte, and my store had a few sex toys and “viagra”.

This was probably my best find this month – this is £7.75 at Boots right now! I've bought it to give it a try.

This spooky projector from the Halloween range has a lot of rave reviews on the Poundland Appreciation Society.

And these tealight holders are available in a ton of colours.

Halloween at Poundland

Whilst we are on the topic of Halloween, have you seen my Halloween at Poundland video?

These beads were a tip off from the Poundland Appreciation Society – there are so many in there!

These hampers <3

Another tip off from the Poundland Appreciation Society – this Christmas wrapping paper has pineapples.

And of course, my favourite sign ever.

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Watch what's awesome in Poundland October 2017

What's Awesome in Poundland October 2017

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