What’s Awesome in Poundland in November 2017

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What's Awesome in Poundland in November 2017

Every month I visit Poundland to show you what bargains there are to be had. I can't believe we have made it to November 2017! The Halloween stuff is away and we can finally look ahead to Christmas. This month I have mainly focused on non-Christmas items in the blog post, although you can watch the video at the end to see lots of Christmas items. As usual, I visited the King's Lynn Hardwick industrial estate store. Let's get stuck in!

What's Awesome in Poundland in November 2017

There were some great finds this month – let's kick off with this Batman vs Superman Kawaii cube, selling for almost £8 on Amazon.

Poundland's homewares have been AMAZING lately, and I love this ceramic pear!

Lots of festive flowers for you to choose from.

These Disney princess stick on nails, omg <3

This looked interesting so I checked Boots – yep, it sells for over £4 on Boots!!!

Another good find that sells for over £5 at Boots.

This gingerbread man bath bomb would make a wonderful stocking filler.

I've been trying to make bath bombs for a few months now, but I haven't managed to do it! I needed some more epsom salts to continue, and I was so excited to find them so cheaply.

These shower gels are so adorable and smell amazing! They would look so cute in a Christmas hamper.

The theme of the day with definitely “Nivea”

Yay Christmas. 

More Nivea

And even more Nivea. This smelt so good!

Okay…these aren't £1, they're actually £5. I know a lot of us grumble about things being over £1 in Poundland, but these are still a really great price!


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What's Awesome in Poundland in November 2017




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