What’s awesome in Poundland in November 2016

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Every month I head to Poundland to share the best deals with you, and November's finds are jam packed with lots of festive items. Don't forget to scroll down to view the video. Let's get stuck in!




Poundland currently have an offer on their dental products, making them just 90p each. This includes toothbrushes and mouth wash!

3 snack size Pringle tubes for £1.

This L'oreal Elvive Total Repair Extreme set is a bargain. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-18

Poundland have lots of amazing Christmas items in store at the moment, and this is my favourite sign!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-17

Of course there are advent calendars, with the popular Trolls one. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-16

So. Many. Shiny. Christmas. Baubles. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-15

This is such a cool idea, and it would make a great stocking filler – a crazy Christmas jumper kit!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-14

How adorable is this winter penguin notebook?spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-13

I had to buy some of this candy sushi!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-12

You'll have to watch the video below to see just how much of this lot I bought, but there are SO many pet things for Christmas!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-11

Frozen Christmas items.spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-10

SO ADORABLE. The baubles are glass and you can get them with cats or dogs inside. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-09

Everything you need for a Star Wars Christmas. Chewie stocking anyone? These are over £5 usuallyspotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-08

I haven't smelt these so I can't be sure, but the packaging is certainly modelled on the ever popular Soap and Glory brand. If you've bought this then please let me know if they're similar! spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-07

Even more Star Wars Christmas items. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-06

I love these money pots – they're the kind that you have to smash to get your money out. At £1 I wouldn't feel too bad about smashing one of these open. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-05

Such gorgeous Christmas signs <3spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-04

I love this one! spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-03

I am really impressed with Poundland's Christmas food. This tin of shortbread in particular!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-02

Look how big the range is!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-01

These look delicious!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-30

And these appear to be Thornton's dupes. There's all sorts available like fudge, toffee, chocolate slabs and more. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-29

These jars of vintage sweets are really cute!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-28

Giant jazzie. Enough said. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-27

How much would your pet love you if they wear a Christmas tie? spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-26

I am a sucker for vases, and this one is really cute! spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-25

So many awesome cat things, including cat stockings for Christmas. The cat teaser is at Pets at Home for £3!spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-24

I love these glass jars for decanting oil and vinegar – they come already labelled too. spotted-in-poundland-in-november-2016-23

Not exactly what you were hoping to see in a Poundland post, however you can get 3 Durex condoms for £1, instead of £2.99 at Boots.

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