What’s awesome in Poundland in May 2017

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What's awesome in Poundland in May 2017

Every month I visit a Poundland store to show you the best deals to be had. Here is what is awesome in Poundland May 2017.

What's awesome in Poundland in May 2017

Summer is here, though only when it wants to be. For those days that summer wants to come out Poundland are selling a range of summer items, like the inflatables above. There are also all toys for the beach as well, for much less than you would pay at the beach!

Some days you need a quick spray with some dry shampoo to just help out, Poundland make this cheaper on our budgets at least.

Poundland is just perfect to get your basics from like shampoo. You would have had to pay more for Nivea in most high street shops and here it is for a £1.

You know that I am a big fan of Disney and this caught my eye. Bath crystals perfect for any princess in your life (wife or daughter).

Do you think it suits me? An amazing shower cap just fit for a princess! I think it is a little small for me though.

Anyone that uses mouthwash will know what a pain it can be to find it cheap enough, at a pound you can't go to wrong with the price can you?

Nails Inc are in stock again at Poundland. When the fact that this can be as high as £15 a bottle in some places, you know you have a great deal at Poundland.

These nail polish organizers are brilliant. Perfect sized for most brands and would look really nice on anyone's makeup table, making it nicer looking and easier to find what you need.

As some of you know I caught what I thought was a cold so had a look at what Poundland could provide. These are half prize when compared to most other places. Got a cold or sore throat then you need Poundland to keep your purse or wallet safe during it!

When I first saw all of these bathroom items that we had stepped upto the more expensive items but no these were all £1! Brilliant for any that need a new theme to their bathroom.

Hair detox has returned from March! As anyone that remembers my March post these are usually £7.99.

This sign is so cute, it is a real shame that it uses your instead of you're. Still a really pretty sign though.

Not everywhere you can get vanish for only a £1. Now I wonder does it work on annoying husbands?

Summer means gardening and Poundland have you well covered with a vast range of gardening products from Charlie Dimmock, a celeb gardener that I bet most people will have heard of.

These are so cute and I bet would be really useful for our Reselling side hussle in order to keep track of all our receipts. Though I am sure everyone else can think of a more fun way to use it.

Going back to the reselling side hussle again. Magic erasers are a must have tool to clean up anything that you are wanting to sell. Outside of reselling, magic erasers can still be used to clean up anything! For those that like their brands there is even flash and for those that don't mind the other brand has more.

Go onto Instagram and you can easily see how popular Zoflora is. Some limited editions available in Poundland this month.

These are really cute. I can just picture them on a table with a few flowers coming out of the top. I thought that these were originally more than a £1 as well. 

I had a barbique the other month, taking advantage of the spring sun. I could not find BBQ skewers anywhere other than Sainsburys for £2.50! Not only does Poundland have more they are £1.50 cheaper, I could have bought Tony some sweets with that!

As first glance the craft section seems to be pretty much the same as usual. But there are a few nice new editions.

Cellophane is one of the new editions we spotted this month. Unless it was always there hidden away? We use cellophane for quite a few gift items as we do like to give hampers as gifts. Might be early but quick grab some for Christmas.

Glitter paper, and pink glitter paper I am there! This is so pretty and I am sure that you crafty people out there can do so much with this.

Anyone need a scrapbook? Well Poundland have this quite nice scrapbook with a tie as well to make it that more attractive. Just think of all the projects you can do with this.

Want to see what I bought? Check out my haul video below:

What's awesome in Poundland in May 2017

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