What’s awesome in Poundland in March 2017

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What's awesome in Poundland in March 2017

Every month I head to Poundland to find you some awesome bargains, and March 2017 was pretty awesome. As usual we visited the King's Lynn Hardwick store. Here are 28 awesome things in Poundland this month.

What's awesome in Poundland in March 2017


How many people really need this re-useable bag – it is awesome! I would have gotten it if not for the fact we have so many already.

You guys know that I have a weakness for notebooks, quotes and cute – all three of which are in this notebook.

This blackboard is absolutely perfect for meal planning.

The amount Tony and I will take off our rings or put down some change and spend ages looking might mean we need this.

Some really cute wrapping paper for mother's day and outside of Poundland how often do you get it this cute for a £1?

Now this was an interesting find since lice combs in places like Boots can cost between £3.99 and £19.99 – so an amazing saving!

Another great find since VO5 Cherish my Colour is sold elsewhere for £2.12 to £3.79

Maybe one of the better finds since it is usually £5.99!

Although it is a brand that can be gotten from Tesco for the same price – Poundland is another place to grab this item!

Johnson's Face care oil control is usually £4.50 for 50ml

Aussie fresh mate body wash is usually £4.99.

Aussie no rush body wash is usually £5.97.

Witch cleansing lotion is usually £3.50 to £6.95 – depending on where you get it

VO5 Ticken up gelfoam is usually £3.99.

Disney Princess soapy foam usually £2.10 – Tony made me get one as well.

Ok I think that I might need this for flights to and from Florida

As always Poundland is a great place to find items like this L'oreal Paris lipstick

And of course not forgetting BarryM nail polish

Witch cleansing wipes are usually £1.99

Not as amazing as last month's nail emergency repair kit, Nurta Nail Defense nail rehab & protection is usually £3.17

Now why pay more when you can find something in Poundland for of course a £1

Our local Poundland still has Colour Excellence kits which offer fantastic value for money, they're usually £7.99 each

Tony and I tried this last month, we love using it in our dish washer now, usually £2.50.

These are great for cleaning up anything dirty around the house or for reselling shame they are £7.99 on Amazon!

Ok I know I am a crazy Disney Princess but look how cute they are!

You know you want to see this pen in your hand when writing or at least in your little Princess's hand.

Poundland continues to be one of the best places to find storage for practically anything. These little baskets are so cute as well.

Egg and Spoon is so nice but at £2 I often feel really guilty about getting some but Poundland have their own version which you can feel less guilty about paying for.

For those that love their crafts, especially with Easter coming up to amuse the kids, then Poundland is awesome. Just look at all of the items.

Easter is next month so of course Poundland have out all their Easter products, ranging from baskets for Easter egg hunts, moulds, egg decoration kits and of course Easter eggs!

Awesome things found in Poundland in March 2017


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