What’s awesome in Poundland in July 2017

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What's awesome in Poundland in July 2017

Every month I head to Poundland to show you what bargains there are to be had, and July 2017 has been a great month! Join me as I bring you not only a video tour of the store and the bargains I have found, but also my haul and a parody video for you to enjoy.

What's awesome in Poundland in July 2017

I hope you enjoy these videos – we had a great time filming them in the King's Lynn (Hardwick Industrial Estate) store.

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What's awesome in Poundland in July 2017

4 Comments on “What’s awesome in Poundland in July 2017”

  1. Hi Emma, long time reader first time commenter. I love the blog but I hope you don’t mind me saying that I much prefer these posts in a written format, something I can look at while watching the telly or while my OH is in the room- nothing he hates more than a youtube video of any kind! Guys just don’t get it do they!

    1. Hi Anna, thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately I can’t justify the time that the images take to do right now 🙁 it adds an extra hour in store and a few hours editing. I’ll definitely bear it in mind for the future.

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