What’s Awesome in Poundland in December 2017

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What's Awesome in Poundland in December 2017

Every month I head to Poundland to find you the best bargains to be had. Now that December is here we can fully embrace everything Christmas – and I found a few amazing things to share with you this month. As usual I visited the King's Lynn, Hardwick Industrial estate store. You can scroll to the bottom of the post to watch the video.

What's Awesome in Poundland in December 2017

I love these Belle bath crystals – perfect for a Christmas hamper!

This isn't one of the best beauty bargains I've spotted in Poundland, however these are usually more than £3.

Disney princess eye lashes <3

I love Lee Stafford hair products, so I was thrilled to spot this Ubuntu nourishing oil. 50ml usually sets you back around £12.

Poundland also have a Lindt Lindor dupe at a fraction of the cost.

These Christmas bath bombs are life!

Is it really Christmas without sweets in fancy tins? Poundland has you covered.

THESE ARE SO COOL! These light up balloons glow for up to 15 hours, and there are lots of Christmas designs to choose from.

Admittedly not £1, but these £5 bits are lovely. The Noel sign is massive, and the wreaths are so pretty that we've even bought one.

Despite it being Christmas, the wedding range in Poundland is still going strong! Lots of lovely bits to choose from.

Although this photo frame has baby footprints inside, you could easily remove them and put a non-baby related photo in.

I LOVE these door knocker hangers – I recently bought one from Dollar Tree when I was in America, and I'm thrilled that Poundland have some in too.

For any copper fans here, you'll love this 2018 diary from Poundland. See the video below to see how the inside looks.

I can't believe how cute (and heavy) this slate elf sign is.

Pink pastel hair colour for £1 is truly a bargain!

I first saw these at the Poundland Christmas in July event, so I'm thrilled that they are now in store! Priced at either £2 or £5, you can deck out a copper themed bar with these.

Someone recently asked in the Poundland Appreciation Society whether Poundland sell vacuum bags – yep, they do!

Christmas related kitchen linens <3

Clearly Poundland have been watching Parks and Rec with these Treat Yourself money envelopes.


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What's Awesome in Poundland in December 2017

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