What’s Awesome in Poundland in April 2017

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What's awesome in Poundland April 2017

Every month I visit a Poundland store to show you the best deals to be had. Here is what is awesome in Poundland April 2017.

Awesome things found in Poundland in April 2017

I am sure you can all remember the Alpecin adverts from TV with the bottles zooming off with race car noises. Well we found this alternative product in Poundland and it must have been doing the same as this was the last one left (we arrived pretty early too). I can't say I blame it flying off the shelf as Alpecin is £4.59 and up!

Another great daily essential for most people which is a £1 cheaper than most other stores. Seriously why don't more people buy essentials like this at Poundland.

Now hydra mist isn't a top brand but it offers the same as the top brand Magic Cool, just at the much cheaper price of £1 instead of £3.79! It is just essentially bottled water that you spray on yourself at the end of the day (with a few added bits to help in cooling)!

Kids get to enjoy their own Radox Kids Frozen bath & body wash and is a great saving since Boots sell it at £2.50!

Anyone that was unable to get the Aussie last month are in luck as they are still available in Poundland for April.

Well with the warmer weather about I am sure you are going to end up needing to need this product event more. I have seen the sorts of messes kids and babies can make and the chances increase when the weather is nice.

Now I usually use a MAC cleanser but I am giving this a go at £1 to see if it can compare at all. Even if it is not as good, if it largely does the job then it would still be a saving since MAC cleansers are usually around £12!

As many of you know I am already a Princess, so I don't really need these but I am sure that many of you out there will want them or know someone that does. In our local Poundland we could only see Belle and Aurora eyelashes.

Anyone that is crafty, creative or has a lot of little things will definitely need one of these organizers. Well for somethings it wouldn't hurt to have two or three right? Especially at such a bargain price.

I wonder if joy tastes like hot chocolate or is more like a tea or coffee? Regardless these cups are really good value for anyone that needs a new special cup or to replace a few in their household.

I wouldn't be a crazy cat woman in training if I didn't spot this awesome bowl in the pets section. Of course it is depicting the love a car has for it's food and not the owner like I would want but it is a lovely looking piece that your cats would love to eat their dinner from.

Zoflora is massively popular at the moment, you just have to have a look on Instagram. It is perfect for disinfecting and removing smells, so bye bye smelly bin (if you have a smelly bin that is)! Although it is usually £1 in most places it can go up to £3.75 in other places as well.

A new spot for this month, Comfort intense vaporesse for use in your iron to make it easier and put some fresh scents into your clothes. You can't go wrong at a pound if you want to give this a try or continue with the use of this product.

My muscle loves the jobs you hate, great can it actually do all the jobs I hate though like shopping? Seriously though a top brand and new product for a pound is the best especially since it seems to be sold for up to £8.35 in other places!

These tealight holders are so cute, and would look great in any home or if you are holding a barbecue in this lovely weather on the outside tables.

I think that we all know that one grumpy gardener. It could be a neighbour, father or husband. What better way to make them smile and warn others not to mess with their gardens than this sign? There are a selection of differing signs available.

I want to go back to school just so I can have and use this pencil case. It is so awesome – or should I say pawsome! Bad puns aside this is one of a new set of pencil cases, the other has Pugs instead of cats.

We have not been blown away by the Walkers crisps in Poundland before simply because they were always the 5 pack. That has now changed! 6 packs are now stocked at Poundland, either the 5 pack has fallen out of favour or they simply had to get through stocks. Whichever the case maybe if you are a fan of Walkers and don't want to pay more head to Poundland.

There has been no great change to the craft items that I can personally see, though I am not after craft stuff that much. Our local store still has a whole shelf section dedicated to crafting items. With the spring break being here maybe you should stock up on some craft and Easter items to help keep the kids amused over the next few weeks.

Watch what's awesome in Poundland April 2017

What's awesome in Poundland in April 2017

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  1. This is awesome! I’ve actually never heard of the Zeflora thing so I’ll need to buy some! haha
    I also like Walkers. 😀 And I need some more signs… I have one in the bathroom which is slate – it says “You don’t need to brush all your teeth – just the ones you want to keep.” haha.

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