What’s awesome in Poundland – September 2015

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What's awesome in Poundland September 2015

This month's Poundland finds blog has taken a bit of a turn, as I've actually recorded a video showcasing what I found in store, September 2015.

Do you like the video format or would you prefer the old style posts with photos? Let me know!

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9 Comments on “What’s awesome in Poundland – September 2015”

  1. Loved it, will be visiting my nearest large store, only a tiny one in Hemel which just doesn’t cut it. Will be spreading cost of xmas hopefully by getting some cute Disney Princess things for Lulus stocking x

  2. I prefer the posts with pictures as I can read those much faster than watching a 15 minute video.

  3. Another vote for the pictures version over the video.

    Both because I can read it faster than I can watch the video, and also because I can read your blog from work in quiet moments, But I can’t watch a video, without it being seen as “wasting company time”.

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