What’s awesome in Poundland – October 2015

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After last month's blog post you asked to see the Poundland posts in photos…and video! So for the first time ever I have done both. Scroll to the bottom for the video or take your time looking at all the pretty pictures. This month was AMAZING and you can hear my excited voice in the video about All The Things! Enjoy.



Perfect for Bonfire night, Poundland have 10 sparklers for…I'll leave you to guess the price.


I actually lost my sh!t at these. Ghostbusters. Popping. Candy. In two flavours – apple and strawberry.


A great selection of Halloween sweets, great if you get those pesky trick or treaters. And by great I mean great for munching whilst you hide away, not answering the door. You aren't expecting me to give away sweets for free are you?


They feature every single month because the DVDs in Poundland can sometimes have the most wonderful treasures.


Poundland books are awesome. The Diet Myth, pictured above, is over £10 on Amazon.


More awesome books, much cheaper than Amazon. The Sealed Letter above is £7.99 at Amazon20151007_113459522_iOS

Big Hero 6 and Star Wars play packs.


Sorry adults, these Frozen flip flops are only in children's sizes 🙁


These DIY craft kits are such a good idea for half term – there's a balloon set, a set of selfie props and a mask set.


More dressing up stuff.20151007_113211949_iOS

This stuff is so awesome. Wigs that are incredibly itchy but there's zombie blood spray, make up, paint, eye lashes and stuff.


These stockings are actually decent quality!

All the advent calendars – first place I've seen Marvel though.


These reed diffusers in Love Heart scents are so cute!


Yay bathroom cleaner. This stuff from Aggie (from How Clean is Your House) is really, really amazing! I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it is great stuff.


These cat toys are in Pets at Home right now for lots more than £1! And now there are some Halloween ones like a bat and Frankenstein. Tabs and Alaska love theirs!

I need this. Other princesses also available.


Tony needs this. Other superheros also available.


These lunch boxes are adorable. 20151007_112412243_iOS

Mickey looks annoyed, right?20151007_112356234_iOS

*something witty about Spiderman*


I may or may not have bought this for myself.

I may or may not have bought this for Tony.


All the Frozen


Poundland is basically a Frozen store.


These are so cute!


Monster High is still prominent. 20151007_111454569_iOS

And Hello Kitty is making an appearance. 20151007_111450066_iOS

More Hello Kitty. 20151007_111441962_iOS

This is so much cheaper than buying something from Disney.


Sorry for the jumble…20151007_111213897_iOS

But there are loads of these jewellery holders on sale.


A baby bath thermometer, great for getting that perfect bath temperature.


This hair chalk is currently on sale at Boots for £6.2920151007_110951542_iOS

And so exciting, tooth paste! But the funky purple box one is £3.29 at Boots.


Tinkerbell eye mask

Shower gel for £1 is a bargain anyway, but these are double the size. 20151007_110734234_iOS

There are other scents available too.


How cool is this?20151007_110459925_iOS

This is so useful…I wouldn't use the knife provided but the stencils are great.


Vampire make up kit…


SPOOKY glow in the dark sticks. Amazing.

So there you have it, October's awesome Poundland finds! What have you spotted this month? If you'd like to guest post with your favourite Poundland items next month then let me know!

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7 Comments on “What’s awesome in Poundland – October 2015”

  1. My recent best buys are a lingerie bag for the washing machine that I put bibs in so the Velcro doesn’t stick to other items and a pop up laundry hamper – good size and quality.

  2. Oh Poundland. It’s so much better than any American dollar store. I bought 2 ceramic owl banks there when I was living there, brought them home over Christmas and sold them on eBay on a whim. Each one made more than $30. It was insane.

  3. Some poundlands also have awesome halloween bloodspray fridge magnets.

    Sadly not our local one and I only bought one pack at Watford when I saw them 🙁

  4. Your commentary on these posts never fails to make me smile! Poundland is the best for hidden treasures and I may or may not have bought myself the Avengers cup for my desk at work…

  5. I’m sharing your love of poundland in Brighton and have bought products featured in three of your photos -in particular the frozen nail polish went down very well with my three old niece (less so with my sis).

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