What’s awesome in Poundland in June 2018

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Every month I head to my favourite store, Poundland, to show you the bargains that are to be had. Let's take a look to see what is awesome in Poundland in June 2018. As always, you can scroll to the bottom of this post to watch the video, including my Poundland haul.


I normally wouldn't have given these a second look, but I saw them mentioned on the Poundland Appreciation Society as being Victoria Secret dupes.

This was £2 – and I hope you are sitting down because the RRP on this is a massive £18!!!

You can't seem to find this in supermarkets, but I spotted it in Poundland.

I am a lip balm addict, so I was chuffed to find this Tropic by Malibu Mango Lip balm for just £1. It sells for as much as £3.99

Who says you need to spend a lot of money on a wedding gift? This photoframe looks great, and can make a wonderful thrifty gift. For extra points, print out a photo of the couple to put into the frame.

This robot money bank is cute AF. He's a little small, but still adorable.

How adorable is this quill?

These are usually £1.99 at Tesco, with Poundland offering the same amount for half the price.

These were £2, but they are so cute! Ice cream solar lights on a string.

I've saved the best for last – this was something that Tony spotted, and I was really impressed. This Amoy Stir Fry Kit is £3.50 at Tesco, but just £1. It contains 3 packets of noodles, 2 packets of stir fry sauce and 2 sachets of soy sauce. Great value for just £1! The expiry date on it is September, so there are still a good few months there.

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  1. Going to poundland is a bit of a treat for me, I live in such a small town that we don’t have one. I’m definitely picking up some of the body mists next time I go, they’re perfect for summer when you want a quick spray of something to freshen you up! #MondayMoney

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