What’s awesome in Home Bargains October 2015

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Home Bargains is pretty high up there in my list of favourite shops, and although my nearest store is 25 miles away, combining it with a mystery shopping trip makes it worth travelling to. In conjunction with my Poundland posts, I thought I'd show you some of the awesome bits I found in Home Bargains this month. Some of the items will be making an appearance later in the year for a massive giveaway!

What's awesome in Home Bargains October 2015


This Snoopy perfume would make a great stocking filler and is just 99p!


If you're already on the look out for advent calendars then these are the cheapest I've seen in recent years at just 89p – including Frozen and Star Wars.


Cheese biscuits aren't the most exciting purchase ever (I'm lying) but these are so much cheaper than supermarkets.


These mock bottles of wine available in Disney Princess and Batman are amazing! I can't think of any reason for needing them so let me know if you have any fantastic excuses I can use!


Water…how boring. But that Badiot bottled water is 90p per bottle in Sainsbury's, just 19p at Home Bargains.


You had me a “Kettle Chips for 89p”


Stir fry sauces, 65p in Sainsbury's, 31p in Home Bargains.


So many awesome baking things, probably to rival Jane Asher's Poundland range.


Upside down (???) cake pop holders for just 99p!


More baking bits, including loaf tin liners and cupcake corers (so that you can fill in the middle of the cupcake with icing! Genius!)


Should you find yourself needing a flower shell bra then Home Bargains has your back.


Gorgeous bamboo bathroom items at great prices.


Judge me all you want, when my head is all soft and comfy from being on my BATH PILLOW then who will be laughing? Okay…they are pretty retro but do you know how hard it is to find affordable bath pillows? Very.

I don't even know where to begin with this much awesomeness. Let's start with the cute bird salt and pepper shakers for just £1.49. Is your life complete without them? Because mine isn't! Then tins! Cute things! Stuff! All cheap!


Continuing with the Cute! Things! theme.


Planning a wedding or know someone who is? Home Bargains have some amazing bits in. The sweet bags and scoops especially are great value for money.


I almost (almost) wish that we weren't married just to have this bunting.


And if you're planning a sweet table then these jars are beautiful.


This Christmas bunting had me really excited, I had to buy it!


Gingerbread men cake tins are totally where it is at, especially for £2.49.


I'm sorry for bringing up more Christmas items in October but HOW CUTE ARE THESE SIGNS for £1.99? I love that you can add a name onto them too. I love the wooden signs too.


Sure you can print off your own letter to Santa, but for 69p this letter comes with stickers and a pen. Dear Santa, I have been extremely good….


From Christmas to cat poop….BUT these are both a little cheaper than supermarkets.


Earlier this year we bought a dishwasher, and I kid you not, it has changed our lives. I must get round to writing that blog post about it. But dishwasher tablets are expensive. NOT at Home Bargains! 70 Fairy dishwasher tabs for just £7.99 – they are in Sainsbury's on offer for £10.

Throwing a baby shower? These baby flag stickers are just 49p, available in pink and blue.


Nappies galore! Jumbo packs of Pampers for £8.99


I call these “fake Yankee candles” – they're in adorable jars that mimic the famous Yankee candles, but they're just 49p. The scent isn't as strong and they're not very full, but for 49p…


This herb pot is such great quality and at just £3.99 it would make a great gift.


Vaseline Lips gift sets.


Owl ear muffs because why not, £3.99.IMG_5672

Nivea gift sets for £4.99.IMG_5671

St Tropez products from £1.


These milk bottles scream out “blogger” and at just £1.59 for 4 they are great value for money.


Large scented candle jars in various Christmas scents. None of them were for me though.

Listerine kid's mouthwash is £2.60 at Boots and the large bottles are £3.50.


4 boxes of Hello Panda for just £1!


What do you think of this Home Bargains post? Would you like to see more? I'd love to know your thoughts. 

10 Comments on “What’s awesome in Home Bargains October 2015”

  1. Great post! I love Home Bargains too. We have one next to Sainsburys, and often go in HB to do most shopping, and then Sains. to buy fresh and anything else we couldn’t get in HB. I usually have to be physically removed by my hubby from the stationary stands!

  2. I love home bargains, theres an amazing one near where my parents live. I’ve recently moved and there isn’t one anywhere near me but I can’t wait to go next time I go see my parents. Theres so many amazing offers at the moment 🙂

  3. Love the wedding stuff – I’m getting married next October and we are on quite a tight budget. I’m quite lucky to a Home Bargains local to me – but I never go! Thanks for showing me the light!

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