What’s awesome in Dollar Tree December 2016

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What's awesome in Dollar Tree in December 2016

Every month I visit Poundland and show you what bargains there are to be had. However, December is different because we are on holiday in Orlando. This month I take you for a stroll around Dollar Tree, so you can see some of the awesome things on offer in Dollar Tree in December 2016.

What's awesome in Dollar Tree in December 2016



There are so many amazing Christmas items to choose from, and these giant baubles caught my eye. They are on sale in Michaels 5 for $10, so $1 each is a bargain!


Much like Poundland, the books in Dollar Tree are definitely worth a look! There are lots of puzzle books and thicker novels to choose from.


How cute is this!? Lots of solar powered Christmas ornaments – we saw one lady buy about 50!


This kitchen mug is really nice and not too garish!


These little pots are so super cute – they're only plastic but nicely decorated for the holidays. I think they would look awesome filled with homemade Christmas gifts – cookies or truffles!


These gift boxes are pretty and very sturdy.

And these gift card boxes are really cute!


Can you tell that I have a thing for Christmas boxes? I adore these, but I don't think they would get home safely.


This decorative candy cane is amazing value at just $1!


We grabbed some lumps of coal to give as Christmas gifts, because we are mean!

These Christmas treat bags are great for popping home made gifts inside, and those Christmas fridge magnets are so tacky – I love them!


Both of these are awesome – the Disney princess stocking and this Santa Clause pot.


I always pick up some notecards in Dollar Tree – there's always a great selection to choose from.


These treat bags! You get 40 ziplock bags in Christmas decorations – I had to get some for sneaking snacks in to the cinema.


You know when you have had a cold, and you get that lingering cough? I always look for medicine with Dextromethorphan in – it is a cough suppressant that works wonders for me. I usually get Robitussin Dry Cough for around £4.35, but you have to answer a ton of questions in a pharmacy before you're allowed it. At Dollar Tree you can just buy this cough medicine with it!


All this storage! You'll have to wait for my haul video to see exactly what I picked up!


Not just any tupperware…branded Betty Crocker tupperware.


And a whole host of Betty Crocker kitchenware.


I love a tumbler, and you can pick from these cold drink ones or design your own hot drink one.


Branded frosting!


This stuff is amazing! And it is close to $5 in the Disney parks. No no no – get yours from Dollar Tree! Plus there's more flavours to choose from.


Allllll the American sweets…we are in America of course!


Dr Pepper Twizzlers!


This calendar is so cute!

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What's awesome in Dollar Tree in December 2016

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