What you need to know about earning with Younique

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You may have heard about Younique in the last year, in particular, their 3D fibre lash mascara. I follow Samantha on Instagram, and once she posted her “yellow status” certificate, I knew I had to ask her to write a guest post about her experiences selling with Younique – in particular, how much it has cost her to get started and how much money she has made. Here she shares her insights.


Founded by a brother and sister team,  Younique's philosophy is centered on the core values of simplicity, positive influence and the celebration of inner and outer beauty.

Younique is the first direct sales company to market and sell products almost exclusively through the use of social media.  There are virtual online parties which can make it really easy to earn money with Younique – all from the comfort of your own home.

 To start with you need to find someone who is already a Presenter with Younique and all this is done online. I came across Younique through my friend who does all my beauty treatments, she explained how to get started really simply and still continues to support and help me throughout my promotions.

There are really good support groups on Facebook that you can join, to chat with other Younique presenters for hints and tips .

The fee for joining is £69. Which includes the following:

  • 3D Fibre lash mascara
  • Uplift eye serum
  • Refreshed rose water
  • Lucrative lipgloss-luxe
  • Moodstruck pencil eye liners -set of 3
  • Shade stick

All of these products come to £174 if bought separately.

As well as the kit you also get:

  • White status charm
  • Free website
  • Instant access to the Younique party system (so you can start earning straight away)
  • £20 on your birthday to spend on Younique products
  • Pay quicker bank account
  • Presenter guide


It is not a get rich quick scheme….it is a business which will take time to start earning and neither is it a pyramid scheme! Hard work and determination will ensure that you get to the top!

Initial earnings are 20% of your sales (white status) and then once you have gained 125 in personal retail sales (PRS) you move onto yellow status with earnings of 25%. This can be further increased by recruiting members to join your team, but you only start earning from your team once they have qualified.

I joined in November 2014 and I have earned over £300 all due to sales. This has enabled me to hire a cleaner and an ironing lady, plus place the rest into savings. I do this alongside my main job as a science teacher, so my earnings would probably be more if I had more hours in the day. At the moment I spend a few hours each night working on my Younique business.

I do this alongside my main job as a science teacher, so my earnings would probably be more if I had more hours in the day. At the moment I spend a few hours each night working on my Younique business.

I decided to join Younique as I really fell in love with their mascara, and thought that it wouldn't hurt to have a go at selling the products. I have little experience in sales, so went with an open mindset and I'm really enjoying it!

I've met some great ladies through social media, who have provided me with lots of guidance on my journey with Younique.

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    1. It’s great to hear such positive reviews! The products really do sell themselves, and I’m really excited for the launch of the next products x

    1. Thanks for commenting, do check out my website for the products. All of the products come with a money back guarantee if you are not happy with them, but trust me they’re excellent products and all made from natural ingredients.

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