What You Need to Consider When You Rent a Car for Your Trip

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When going for a trip it is advisable to rent a car in order to avoid expenses and delays. Renting a car is faster and more economical than public transport or taxi. However, do you know car renting can be discouraging. So, before you rent a car for your trip you need to know the following things before you contact your car renting company.

The following are things you should consider when you rent a car for your trip. By taking the following tips into consideration you will be able to avoid extra penalties that you might not know about car renting.

Avoid Renting a Car at the Airport

If possible try not to rent a car when you arrive at an airport. You will have to pay for it once you arrive at the airport. I know this is not what you expect car rental companies do, but due to agreements with airports you have to. The car rental companies should pay for the permit they were given by the airport’s management. Hence, you cannot do anything. So, if you don’t have any other option please look for a car rental company that is outside the airport and rent a car.

When returning the Car Ensure its Full tank

This might be the best trip of your lifetime and its time to return the car to your rental company. Don’t forget to fill the gas tank, this is because you will have to pay for it once you rent the car even if its half-full. Therefore, before returning the car fill the gas tank to avoid extra charges.

Be Time Cautious

Time is money and if you delay you might lose more. However, in the case of a car renting this doesn’t apply. If you return the car early or past the time you had agreed with the rental company you will be charged extra fees. So, ensure you return the car at the agreed time.

Avoid Driving on All-Weather Roads

I know it is not by your consent to drive on an all-weather road but you need to avoid such roads. Once you drive on such roads you will have violated the agreement with your rental company. So, if you rent a car and it becomes dirty know all the cleaning fees will be upon you. Therefore, you need to avoid all-weather roads especially those that are muddy.

Scrutinize the Car

Before signing the agreement contract with your car rental company, you need to scrutinize the car first before you sign the contract. Don’t be in a hurry signing the inspection form you might miss some key aspect that may lead to additional charges that you could have avoided. Thus, be careful when signing that inspection form.

Know the Travel Rules

For your own safety you need to learn and understand the travel policies. Learning about them will enable you avoid limitations or extra fees. In most cases you should know that many insurance policies don’t work in other countries in the same way.

When Picking the Car Use a Credit Card

When renting a car for your trip you should use a credit card when going to pick the car. However, in most cases you can use a debit card but many car rental companies usually prefer credit cards. They do this so as to monitor your credit score. Please don’t use a prepaid credit card because it won’t be accepted by any car renting company. In addition, using a credit card enables car renting companies to withhold some amount of money until you return the car.

Car Insurance Policy

This aspect is usually taken lightly by many car renters. However, you need to take it keenly before picking the car. Car renting insurance doesn’t cover the car in case the car is involved in an accident. Therefore, before signing an agreement with the car renting company you need to know if your own personal car insurance is comprehensive and can cover in case you get involved in an accident with the car you rented.

Have a Minimum Number of Drivers

You might be a family or a group of friends going for a trip. And the number of people who know how drive can be more than one. However, ensure when renting a car, the number of drivers that will drive that particular car are not more than two. If you the number of drivers surpasses this you will have to pay more. That will be costly for you.

Mileage Limit

Your road trip might be long. When renting a car, you should know the mileage limit for every car. So, when choosing a car for your trip you should approximate the mileage limit and choose the one that corresponds to it or that has a high mileage limit.

By following the following tips, you will be able to have the most memorable trip in your lifetime.

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  1. In order to save some money, when we were New Zealand last year, we took a driverless car. Now even though we had Google Maps to help, we ended up going round and round looking for sights to see and ended up paying more on gas than we would have had we a local guide as a driver.

    So, yes, it makes sense to get a driver when you are in a new place. It actually helps you save some dollars on gas.

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