What Made The Casino Royale Movie a Blockbuster?

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Casino Royale was one of the greatest gambling films of all time and there has been a remake of the original. However, the first film, released in 1967, was a blockbuster hit and it offered intense action and some amazing casino scenes for viewers to enjoy. It glamorises gambling whereas in reality the modern casino player is more likely to play on their phone at an online casino such as Casumo. The film was produced by Columbia Pictures and was based on the very first James Bond novel by Ian Fleming. The hit movie has an amazing cast of characters played by some of the leading actors and actresses of all time. Starring David Niven as Bond, the film offered endless action and characters that viewers could relate to in many ways.

Casino Royal was first released in April of 1967 and it was an instant success. The film grossed over $41 million around the world and the musical score that was included in the film was praised. In fact, Burt Bacharach earned a nomination for an Academy Award for the hit song “The Look of Love”. As for the critics, some were harsh on the film and said it was a disorganized movie. However, that didn’t stop the ratings from soaring, making this film a blockbuster.

Production Issues

Instead of trying to compete with Sean Connery movies, the producers of this film wanted to shoot it as sort of a spoof. Unfortunately, production got out of control as five different directors were working on the film, none of which who were working in conjunction. There were also 8 writers and many of them were uncredited. These included Joseph Heller, Ben Hecht and Billy Wilder. There were also many problems with the performers in the film, with the most problematic being Peter Sellers who did not get along with others on the set. He often refused to shoot different scenes, stalling the completion of the film and he eventually left the production.

The end result was a film that was very disjointed and hard for viewers to follow. However, the all-star cast and production design made the film a hit and it became one of the leading cult classics. With huge names like David Niven, Woody Allen, Orsen Welles and Ursula Andress, Casino Royale was enjoyed by thousands of viewers and it became a box-office hit.

Unforgettable Soundtrack Helps with Success

In addition to starring some of the best actors of the time, Casino Royale enjoyed much success due to the soundtrack of the film. The music in the movie is one of the key aspects and many of the classic Bond movies had hot songs over the years, including Goldfinger, Nobody Does It Better and Live and Let Die. In the 1967 version of Casino Royale, it was The Lok of Love by Dusty Springfield that drew attention and made the soundtrack a huge success.

Despite the negative reviews from critics, Casino Royale went on to earn millions worldwide and became a blockbuster movie that is still considered a classic today. Even with the mind-boggling plot and disorganized production, Casino Royale was one of the leading films of the 1960s and was so popular that it was remade in 2006. The newer version of the movie introduced Daniel Craig in a leading role and received a positive response from the critics. Oddly enough, the two films were at opposite ends of the spectrum though both were extremely successful and huge hits. While the original may have been under-appreciated and harshly criticized, it paved the way for many gambling movies to follow and though a misinterpreted film, Casino Royale is still regarded as a blockbuster.

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