What I would do if I won the lottery

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We all dream about winning the lottery, don't we? Whether it is saying goodbye to the day job or treating our loved ones, there is no doubt that winning the lottery would have a massive impact on our lives. In this post I am going to share my lottery day dream with you.

Move to America

Moving to America is definitely one of the goals that we are working towards. However, it is a really expensive process. The route that we are going to take involves having to invest $1,000,000 into a new business in America, and comes with lots strict criteria, including how many people we have to hire within a certain time frame.

As well as getting into America, there are other associated costs. For example, we would have to pay for healthcare and copayments. Not to mention moving our cats and the belongings we want to take with us.

If we won the lottery then we would be able to bring this process forward by years – maybe even by decades.

Buy a house with a pool

Whether we are buying in America or the UK, we are desperate to have a house with our own swimming pool. Whilst it feels like a very ‘out there' dream, it is again something that we are working towards.


There are so many places that we would love to travel to! We definitely want to travel first class somewhere in the world, even if it is just once.

We would love to explore more of America, and if we are able to be based in Florida then we would be close to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, with gorgeous clear blue seas.


I only started my investment journey last year, opting for a stocks & shares ISA. Saying that, I do have an investment property too. I would love to have the money to invest into a more diverse portfolio, and best case scenario, making enough money from the investments to live off.


I'm usually very thrifty and hate spending money on myself. You will often find one of us at the reduced shelf in a supermarket, trying to save money on our regular spending.

That said, I recently treated myself to a new piece of jewellery and I love wearing it.

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Treat yo self! I did something for me last week, and I treated myself to this Belle ring from the Disney Enchanted collection. It was so hard to spend this sort of money on myself, but I was celebrating a lot of things. I also battled with getting this because I didn’t want to feel as though I was replacing my engagement ring, but look at how well it fits with my wedding ring 😍 Here’s the story: earlier this year I worked with a client who was an absolute nightmare. I’m too professional to go into the details 😂 but I was left in tears on multiple occasions. I promised myself that when I got paid, I would use the money to go back to Orlando. Once the payment did come, I realised that was not a good financial decision, so instead I wanted to buy myself *something* special. I searched until I found the right item, and this was it! Tony even made a comment about buying it for me, but I loved the feeling of paying for it myself., from MY hard work. Now every time I wear it I feel proud for getting through a tough situation and continuing to grow my business. Ps. Yes that is a rose gold rose 😍 #girlboss #treatyoself #treatyourself #entrepreneur #disney #belle #disneyenchanted #disneyring #disneyjewellery #disneyjewelry

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It regularly reminds me of hard work that I put in…and although winning the lottery is more luck than hard work, I am sure I will appreciate having a few of the finer things in life.

For me, my wishlist would include more Disney jewellery, more Kate Spade bags and spending money on decent plus sized clothes. For Tony it would be new computer games on release day, instead of waiting for them to reduce their prices.

The gift of time

Above all, we would really love having the gift of time.

Working for ourselves means that although we can take time off whenever we want, the reality is that we absolutely love growing our business and we don't often take time off.

Having more time means that we would be able to see our friends and family more, and get around to doing those niggly jobs we always keep putting off.

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81 Comments on “What I would do if I won the lottery”

  1. If I won the lottery, I would love to buy my own home – nothing too big, just somewhere to make my own. At 46, I am still renting!

    I am also a cat lover and would like to spend some of my time volunteering at the local Blue Cross Centre where two of my cats have come from.

    Lastly, I would love to travel more and Japan is high on my wish list. It would be wonderful to travel first class just once in my lifetime.

  2. Where do I start lol. If I won the lottery I would buy myself a house so the girls could have their own room and a utility room always wannted one of them. I woild make sure my mum is well looked after and travel.

  3. If I won the lottery I would buy a house (or a few in different countries) and travel the world! Buy all the Disney merchandise and clothes and invest some in my music 🙂 save some for future travelling and retirement! And help out my family with bits and bobs too

  4. What would I do if I won the lottery? I’d try for a baby, knowing my husband and I (two school teachers) don’t have the stress of mortgage payments, bills etc whilst I’m on maternity leave. I’m currently going through a miscarriage, so this would be really appreciated.
    I’d also treat my parents to a lovely holiday.

  5. I would also buy a house with a pool. I love swimming so I would make good use of it. I would also buy maybe half a dozen houses in London and rent them out affordably, like properly affordably so people afford to live in London without crippling themselves financially

  6. If I won the lottery the first thing would do is pay off my mortgage and take a really nice holiday.

    Then I’d take some time out to press the reset button – get into shape, hire a nutritionist and join a professional matchmaking service!

  7. If I won the lottery I would buy a house for me and my family. To have a home if my own is definitely a dream of mine 🏡

  8. I would do all the sensible things first – house, car, family,debt, then onto the fun! Holiday, shopping, a couple more dogs! And something very boring that i want but cant afford – a fitbit! If only!!!

  9. I’d spend it sending my daughter to uni. She wants to be a scientist and we need more females in that field.

  10. I would start my own teaching supply agency and specialise in science and maths recruiting great teachers for long term placements….oh, and a bigger house with a pool !

  11. If I won the lottery, I’d pay back all my debts, then promise my new wife her house of her dreams she keeps banging on about to me, and buy her that range rover she wanted since day one. I could care less about myself but my son and wife I want to give them everything.

  12. I would get a cottage in the lake district and spend the rest of my days fishing and drinking quality wine.

  13. I think firstly I’d sit and order a pizza to share with my partner to let it settle in. Then I’d pay off any debts I owed. I’d buy a car, get passports for my family, and go on our first family holiday (unsure where to yet though…). I’d move into a bigger house, and then be able to get a dog! I’m sure there would be lots of little extras along the way, but those are the main ones. Oh and if I won BIG.. I’d move to Canada!

  14. If I won the lottery I’d buy a flat in London along with the most comfortable mattress in the universe.

  15. Pay off the mortgage, invest in property, give a lot away to friends and family and charity. Would also love a piano!

  16. Oh I would firstly go on a magical family holiday somewhere really exotic then I would come home and be sensible, buy a house and gift some to my family.

  17. If I won’t the lottery I would love to pay off my debts and buy a house outright. I would also pay for my parents to have the damp fixed in their house, or just buy them a new one. And I would take my sister and her family on a relaxing holiday because they are one of them families that never stops.

  18. A priority for us would be to clear our mortgage; this would give us a huge chunk of money each month which we could then invest in making our early retirement dreams a reality. It would be lovely to be able to spoil friends and family a little, before splurging on holiday. I dream of touring New Zealand but our budget sadly won;t stretch to it at the moment.

  19. If I won the lottery I’d buy a villa in Miami and fly all my family and friends over and celebrate my winning in style. Hire bar tenders to make the best cocktails, and have a weekend of sunshine, celebrations and jet skiing! 💃💃

  20. Love your list
    As we are all supporters of Manchester City and are Seasoncard holders I would treat myvdamily to a Private box at the stadium.

    Give them all some cash and I would love to take a sailingbholiday on a Private yacht around the Coast of Croatia on the Adriatic.
    I would also donate to Hedgehog rescue charities- my favourite creatures.

  21. If I was lucky to win the Lottery. I would do a few things with my winnings dependant on the amount won.
    > pay off my parents Mortgage
    > Buy a house for me
    > Buy a house for my Brother
    > Donate to my favourite Charities
    > Become a silent/secret Donor. By this I mean donating to those who are in need. e.g. Just giving, go fund me pages. Making there wishes become reality.

  22. Like yourself Emma I would love to move to Florida but I would pay off any debts, buy three houses for my parents and brother and myself nearby (we all all dotted over the world) and stay at The Grand Floridian Hotel in Orlando. Then save aside money for my children and donate money to charity.

  23. I would buy a few people houses and help out my nearest and dearest. Then I would take a load of friends on holiday and get myself a dog or two 🙂

  24. The first thing I would do is buy a house! Then I would buy my mum a house and rescue at least 3 more pugs (I already have 3!)

  25. I’d use the money for my wedding in a few years, with an incredible honeymoon afterwards for a couple of weeks ❤️

  26. An enormous farm with acres and acres of land and fabulous outbuildings for all my family (kasza)

  27. Travelling would be VERY high on my priority list if I won the lottery. I’d love to take a year out and travel to a lot of the countries on my to go to list. I’d also love to do some voluntary work abroad, in developing countries and try and help invest some money into projects that I really believe can turn around people’s lives. I think the very first thing I’d go out and buy though would be a new car!

  28. I’d firstly retire, pay the mortgages off my childrens houses and give them a nice nest egg to make sure they were comfortable. I’d buy a new house for myself and my husband then go and visit all the places we want to see and experience all that life has to offer in our retirement together!!

  29. I would pay off my mortgage and my best friends. Then I would continue working, but maybe tell people a few truths before changing to a job I would love to do (but can’t afford to do!) and in between I would go on a around the world trip!

  30. If I won the lottery I would love to buy our first family home, buy a cadburys purple VW Beetle, visit Harry Potter World and try something new everyday 🙂

  31. I’d have a house built to spec for us all to live in and then invest for the kids when they are over 25

  32. I’d buy an enormous house and become a Kardashian, well maybe not a Kardashian but I think i’d definitely move to lala land!

  33. If I won the lottery I’d treat my little boy to a holiday and buy a house & treat my little one to some toys n days out I’d also share it with family and help less forchunate .

  34. After a very tight time financially I’d start with a new dress. They are so expensive. Perhaps get my hair done too. And most of all feel better in myself. X

  35. I would start with travel, we haven’t had many holidays and there are so many places we would love to visit

    I would use the time away to decide where we would like to live and what type of house we would want to live in.

    Family and friends would get a lump sum and I would choose a few charities to support.

    I’d also want to (anonymously gift money to local families, envelope through the door type of thing.

    Then all the usual new car etc.

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