What are your empty beauty products worth?

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What are your empty beauty products worth?

Did you know that some of your empty beauty products could be worth freebies or cash? With environmental issues on many company's radars, they are offering incentives to people returning their empty beauty products or you could make some serious cash by selling your empty packaging on eBay!

MAC – free lipstick worth £15.50

If you use MAC makeup then did you know that you can recycle 6 empty MAC products and receive a free lipstick? The program, called Back To MAC which encourages you to recycle. You can't return things like the boxes, applicators or accessories but things like empty lipgloss, mascara, eyeshadow etc count.

LUSH – free face mask worth £6.50

Take back 5 empty black pots to Lush for them to recycle and you can get a free face mask worth £6.50. This also includes the clear pots that shower jelly comes in – as well as lots of other packaging. Every item that is included will be clearly marked on the label.

Kiehl's – various freebies

Kiehl's is extremely pricey, so it is good to know that they offer a variety of freebies for returning your empty products:

  • Return 3 empty, full sized products for a free lip balm worth around £9
  • Return 5 empty, full sized products and you will get a free travel size product – the value of this varies.
  • Return 10 empty, full sized products and you will get the above lip balm and travel sized item, as well as a full sized product.

Perfume bottles – various amounts

For some reason, eBay buyers love empty perfume bottles. A Chanel No 5 empty bottle and box fetched a massive £51 on eBay recently, with a lot of 6 bottles going for £17.50.

Empty packaging

Another one that makes me stretch my head, but lots of people are successfully selling their empty beauty product packaging on eBay. This lot of empty MAC boxes sold for £15, these two Urban Decay empty boxes sold for £11 and this lot of mixed empty beauty product boxes sold for £10.50.

Do you know of any other recycling schemes that earn you freebies? Please let me know in the comments below and I will add them to this list! Leave your blog link too if you'd like me to link to you.

What are your empty beauty products worth?

7 Comments on “What are your empty beauty products worth?”

  1. This is so awesome I didn’t even know the thing about MAC so I’ll definitely bare that in mind! I think it’s hilarious that packaging sells on Ebay, god knows why! Some people are very strange haha :p xx

  2. As I understand it empty packaging sells on e-bay for a number of reasons. One is that folk like the ambiance of the expensive brands on show in bathrooms or dressing tables or they sometimes sell as stage props.

    One thing to be aware of though. They must be EMPTY to be sent via Royal Mail or they will not be accepted at the post office. Read the prohibited and restricted items leaflet carefully. Also glass is NOT covered by Royal Mail compensation unless sent “signed for”.

    Also when listing sometimes e-bay flag up the Chanel, Hermes etc brands to prevent folk selling counterfeit items.

  3. Omg I always throw my MAC packaging I am going to start saving them now thank you so much for sharing x

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