Websites where you can earn Amazon gift cards 2014

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Earning Amazon gift cards is great fun, especially when you want to put them towards something you're saving for. Below is a list of website that pay out via Amazon gift cards.

  • Swagbucks pays you to complete surveys, perform tasks, watch videos and even search the internet. Payout starts at just £5.
  • Gift Hunter Club pays you to complete tasks and surveys. Payout for an Amazon voucher is at £5.
  • Valued Opinions is a survey website, with each survey netting you 50p+. Payout is at £10.
  • iPoll is both a survey site and a smart phone app, and you can earn by completing small shopping tasks using the app. Payout for Amazon is at $23, roughly £13-£14.
  • InstaGC is similar to Swagbucks where you earn points for surveys, watching videos and completing tasks. The great thing about InstaGC is that payout is at just £1, and you get your Amazon gift card instantly.
  • IPSOS is a survey site that pays out at $10 (approximately £6).
  • Receipt Hog – upload photos of your receipts to earn points to convert to Amazon gift cards.
  • Toluna is a survey site, where you earn points. The points can be converted into various rewards.
  • Vason Bourne is a survey website for IT or business professionals only.
  • Opinion outpost is a survey website that pays once you reach £3.
  • Just the answer is a survey website that pays once you reach £5.
  • WePromiseTo is a cash back website, where you can request payout via Amazon gift cards. If you choose to cash out via Amazon gift cards then WePromiseTo will boost your earnings by 5%. Payout is made once you reach £25.

If you know of any other sites then please let me know and I can add them to the list.

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    1. Shop and scan looks really interesting! However they dont say how much you make (could you give me an idea? Im happy to do whatever, but as it also requires other household members to participate, Id want to know what is involved in order to get their agreement).

      Also, you have to be invited to join up…

    1. Thanks Zoe, but as Skimlinks, affiliates and referral programs is always changing, it is impossible to keep on track of including a “*” next to each possible affiliate link or referral, especially with over 200 posts.

      I’ve found it to be a much better use of my time to focus on generating new content. Unlike any other blogs, I do not write about something that I haven’t personally used myself, and I always give an honest opinion, even if it is a negative one. I use my privacy policy and disclosure policies to cover this. However, I did notice that the menu bar only said “privacy policy” and it wasn’t clear that my disclosure was on the same page, so I have now amended the link to show that my disclosure policy is there too.

      Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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