Ways To Save Money On A Walt Disney World Holiday

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10 ways to save money at Disney World
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A holiday to Walt Disney World is truly amazing, but it can be so expensive – especially if you are travelling with children so here are 10 tips to help you save money:

10 ways to save money at Disney World

Buy dressing up clothes from the supermarkets

If your children are young enough to want to dress up, buy their costumes from the supermarket (either in the UK or in the US) they will be so much cheaper than buying them in the parks.

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Stay off of Disney property

If you aren’t fussed about staying in a Disney hotel then an offsite stay will almost always be cheaper than a Disney one.

Rent DVC points

If staying in a Walt Disney Hotel is a must then do some research into renting Disney Vacation Club points. The DVC is Disney timeshare and member often rent out their points when they are not using them. This means that you can stay in a deluxe hotel for less than it would cost to book it as a cash buyer.

Take snacks into the parks with you

Unless you are using the Disney Dining Plan, you can save money by taking snacks with you. Most snacks in the parks cost $5 minimum, so it’s much cheaper to buy snacks at the supermarket.

Buy souvenirs from Walmart or Target

If you feel that you want to take souvenirs home as gifts for others, save yourself a lot of money and buy them in the supermarkets. You can often buy multipacks that you can split apart for children to give to their friends, such as pens or keyrings. Bargains can also be found at the Character Warehouse stores at the Outlets, although be aware that they don’t hold the same stock as the parks.

Spend unused snack and quick service credits on treats to take home

If you are using the Disney Dining Plan you can spend snack and quick service credits on treats such as sweets from Goofy’s Candy Co. These make great gifts to bring home, especially for kids (big and small!)

Eat at quick service restaurants in the parks, or offsite completely, if you are not using the Disney Dining Plan

The table service restaurants (those where you sit down and have waiter service) can soon add up,  so try not to eat at too many of these if you are on a budget. Generally, restaurants off of Disney property will be cheaper than those onsite.

Set a budget

Whether it’s a daily budget for you to spend on everything or a spending budget for the kids to buy souvenirs with, set a budget and stick to it. It is so easy to get swept up in the excitement when you’re surrounded by a plethora of Disney goodies, so having a budget will make sure you don’t go overboard on the spending.

Buy the Memory Maker photo package

I know this isn’t technically saving money, but the package includes not only all of your photos in the parks but ride photos too. Buying the package can save you a lot of money compared to purchasing the individual photos.

Don’t forget about tips and sales tax

Tipping 18% – 20% is customary in America and although you are not obliged to pay it, most restaurants will expect you to add it to your final bill. Sales tax is generally not displayed on items for purchase and is usually added at the till. This can quickly mount up and what looks like a small basket of shopping suddenly comes with a huge price tag. Remember to factor both of these things into your budget so that you don’t get an unwelcome shock.

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10 ways to save money on a Walt Disney World holiday

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