Wacky Gift Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

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We’ve all been there many times; it’s Christmas, a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, a wedding or an anniversary or whatever, and you need a gift idea that’s out of the ordinary.

Maybe you’ve left it a bit too late, or maybe you kind of “knew” you’d get an inspirational idea at some point – but it’s just not happened.

Fear not; here are a few ideas that are outside the box, but won’t break the bank…

First off – make or do something yourself. This can be pretty much anything as long as you put some effort into it. Things like pictures, beautiful photographs that mean something to the gift recipient, pottery – or a wooden bird stand. Anything you’ve laid your own hands on means so much more to people. The same is true of the cards accompanying the gift.

Second; how about a “reading”? These are great fun and can be tremendously insightful and informative for the recipient. And for most people, this is something completely new and out of left field – and they love it. Sites like TheCircle offer a range of readers for things like tarot, psychic readings, and clairvoyance – and which of us really wouldn’t be fascinated by this kind of thing?

Tarot Reading Night!” (CC BY 2.0) by Kelly Hunter

Next up are experiential gifts. OK, these are quite commonplace these days – but they can still be different. The experiential gift business is so big and competitive today that the providers have to be ever more creative and price-sensitive, which means bagging a bargain that is also offbeat, is easier than ever.

Next, think back to your own most memorable gift from any time during your life and ask yourself whether this kind of idea is replicable for your target. This kind of approach to our thinking gets our creative juices flowing. For most people, the greatest gift they ever received was memorable for other reasons than value.

If none of these ideas is really working for you then maybe it’s time to “phone a friend”. Ask the friend what are the greatest gifts s/he has ever sent or received and find out whether these ideas fit for you. We all have different ways of thinking, so maybe you don’t need to do all the heavy lifting work yourself?

Source: Christer Byklum via Facebook

If you’re still struggling, then how about a gift that stands the test of time in a very specific way? For example, a fine bottle of Bordeaux will improve with age. So you may say that this is a gift for the same day ten years’ hence when you sincerely hope you’ll be able to share the bottle together and that XYZ will have happened in the recipient’s life by then.

Finally, if none of these ideas is working, how about a walk? This won’t work for everyone, but there are few things in life that put human beings in a more thoughtful and meditative mood than a walk in beautiful countryside on a nice day. So plan it and make a great picnic, or plan the pub lunch etc., as you try to create the perfect day for the recipient of your great gift.

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