VoxPopMe – Earn from your smartphone

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The App:
VoxPopMe is a smart phone app, available on iOs and Android.

How to earn:
VoxPopMe pays you to record short (15-60 second) videos of your opinion on a particular subject, or a review of a particular brand or product. The video is then uploaded and once reviewed, you receive your payment into your wallet. You also earn £1 per successful referral, however you can only invite friends from Facebook and your phone contacts.

Payment method(s) & thresholds:
Payout is made automatically via Paypal once you reach the £10 threshold, in multiples of £10. Any earnings that haven't been redeemed after 12 months are automatically revoked.

My verdict:
I love anything that lets me earn money from my iPhone, but the biggest downside to VoxPopMe is what they then do with your video responses. The responses can be used for market research or even appear on their blog. For more information, check out their terms. Overall I'm impressed with VoxPopMe and will continue to use the app.



One Comment on “VoxPopMe – Earn from your smartphone”

  1. I tried this bit didn’t like the fact that they can post your responses publicly so removed the app.
    I like to keep control of my videos etc and to choose where I post it, giving a company a free hand to do what they like is not good and from my point of view is not worth it for a few pounds.

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