How to Travel for Next to Nothing!

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How to Travel for Next to Nothing!

With the hot deals, cheap airlines and points cards, it’s becoming easier and easier to travel for next to nothing. I travel frequently, and people always ask me where I am off to next, and comment that I must be loaded. The truth is, I simply know have to travel on a budget and get things for cheap or even free. I’m here as the Globetrotter Guru to help you to travel without breaking the bank.



 Save Points for FREE Flights

There are many credit cards that collect you air miles, such as Amex Gold. When you have enough Avois (air miles), these will earn you free flights. Also, if you use a particular airline frequently, ask them if they have a frequent flyer programme.

My favourite thing to do is collect Nectar Points for free Easy Jet flights. I have collected about 9000 points this summer, which is enough to get me to Malaga for FREE this September.

 Use Worldpackers for FREE Accommodation

WWOOFING (Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms) and Hostel work for accommodation is becoming extremely popular. Yes, you can work on a farm to your keep or volunteer at youth hostels to stay for FREE!

There are many hostels around the world that need people on the bar, reception or people blogging and helping with social media promotion. They often offer free accommodation for a few weeks for volunteers who help with this. You might only have to work 4 hours a day.

I like to use because it has some great hostels and destinations on there (see my blog on Worldpackers here). So far this year, I have received accommodation for 2 weeks in Belgrade, Serbia and 2 weeks in Reykjavik, Iceland without paying a penny. I simply promoted their hostels on my social media and blog!

 Free Tours for Bloggers!

If you own your own blog, such as a lifestyle or travel blog, you can offer to review meals in restaurants and tours with tour companies on your blog. This allows you to ask for complimentary dinners and tours, or a media rate discount.

I have been taken to the Island of Landsort by the Stockholm tourist board and on trips to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon and the Blue Lagoon in Iceland with Reykjavik Excursions so far this year.  In return, I have tweeted and blogged about them to help with their marketing.

 Free Meals and Spas for Reviews or Instagram

Some restaurants and Spas offer freebies for people with a large Instagram following (10k or above usually). Build your following on Instagram using quality original pictures and organic interactions (no bots!). Then simply take pictures during your meal or spa experience and share on Instagram for complimentary food and experiences.

 Spending Money Through Matched Betting

I also learnt how to do no risk Matched-Betting through Emma's blog. If I spend a good hour a day on my laptop, I can earn around £500 per month. And the best thing? Gambling winnings are tax free!

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How to Travel for Next to Nothing!

One Comment on “How to Travel for Next to Nothing!”

  1. I did not realise that we could use Nectar points for travel. We have loads! We did use some of our thousands of Avios points earlier in the year to access the priority lounge at Heathrow. That was great even though a little tricky working out the time slot etc. Well worth the effort!

    To comment on other posts – Yes cruising is great value for money in our OAP book! And re yesterday’s side post – I admire you – you can do something I’ve never managed – you CAN Swim!!!!! I even taught at a school in King’s Lynn that had it’s own pool and still I did not manage to learn.

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