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Everyone who starts a blog will at some point consider making money from it. Not everyone will, some people use it merely as a platform to get their thoughts out of their head. However, those that do will want to be as successful in making this money as possible.

Too many people get into the whole blogging thing without actually considering how they are going to make this money and some might even consider it to be an impossible dream. However, whether you blog about fashion, travel, finance, or whatever else, there is an opportunity to make it big, or even if you just want some extra cash on the side.


While you might consider your blog to be a business and you don’t want to share any potential profits with anybody else, a bit of collaboration here and there can pay massive dividends in the long run.

Working with blogs or similar or even completely different subjects is essential to spread awareness of your blog and reach a broader audience. Furthermore, this will allow you to network and give you the chance to learn from others. This is especially useful if you are just starting out and if you get the chance to learn from someone more experienced, then take that opportunity and grasp it.


You want to ensure that you are keeping as up to date as possible in the world of blogging. This can be a general update or being concerned specifically within your industry. To do this, you can set up email alerts for certain news and promotions that will allow you to be one of the first to hear about anything at all that might be of interest to you and your readers.

Furthermore, setting up a PO box with online access will allow you to keep on top of finances, invoices, and client correspondence no matter where you might be. This is particularly useful for travel bloggers who spend much of their time in another part of the world and can often miss out on essential mail. Additionally, it will save any nasty surprises when coming home and realising you have missed a vital payment.


Taking advantage of sponsored posts is not selling out. You need to try and make as much money any way that you can, and so promoting products that you love, with a benefit to you, but not taking advantage of your audience is a smart way to make quick cash.

Of course, there is the issue of plugging products that you might not be comfortable with doing. Most of the time, you will be happy to discuss products and potential clients will be happy for a mere mention. However, there will be times where you might not agree with what is being sold and so showing due diligence and undertaking adequate research into any product that seems too good to be true is essential.


While it can be all too easy to follow a similar route towards writing and promoting your blog, much of what can be done has already been done before. This doesn’t mean you have to pull your hair out worrying about doing something completely different every time, but you do need to approach some aspects differently if you want to stand out.

There is such a saturation of blogs out there that it can be a challenge to differentiate one from the other. Ensuring your blog is above all unique and offers something different from the norm will bring readers in and keep them reading, too.


Every blogger wants to ensure that they get as wide coverage as possible. However, they also don’t want to be that person who is bombarding their social media feeds with post spam and what is essentially begging for clicks.

To promote your blog in a non-intrusive but still effective way, consider investing in services that will help you advertise your blog to the right people. Platforms such as Google Adwords as well as its alternatives are excellent ways of doing just this, and you will be able to see clicks and views flock towards your content and, hopefully, stay there for a while.


The road towards making money from your blog can be long and arduous. However, proper discipline, building a network of fellow bloggers to help promote and share your content – as well as creating exciting content yourself – along with ensuring that you take your blog as seriously as you would any other business will make this road much smoother.

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