Thrifty Instagram Accounts I Am Loving

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I love Instagram – seeing photos of food and cats is one of my favourite things – and that is without a hint of sarcasm! I have a few favourite thrifty/couponing Instagrammers I follow and I thought I'd share them with you. thrifty-instagram-accounts-i-am-loving


This beauty advent calendar is just £5 at Wilkos.

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First of all, have you checked out my Instagram account? I am definitely guilty of posting cats and food, but there are also awesome things I've spotted, freebies and great deals.

Laura's username combines two of my favourite things – saving money and cats!

SavvySallyUK is bursting full of freebies and fantastic deals

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TotalCouponery is my stockpile idol!

Some freebies (worth £8.20) I picked up from Waitrose this week: 1) An Up&Go ‘breakfast shake' (available from Waitrose, Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's), which I got fully reimbursed for and 1p thrown in on top by uploading my receipt via ClickSnap here → (available until the end of the week) 2) A Little Dish meal (available from Waitrose, Co-op, Asda and Tesco) that I got for free using a voucher from → (available until tomorrow) 3) A Little Dish pizza that I got for free using a voucher from the Waitrose Food magazine, which I got for free because I have a myWaitrose card (available until the end of the month) 4) And a free chocolate bar with my delivery just because Waitrose felt like being nice! Tip when printing the voucher: print it to a PDF first and crop the superfluous stuff off so you just print the voucher and save on the ink used! If you'd like clickable links, just click on the link to my Facebook page on my Instagram profile and you'll find them all on there. #Waitrose #myWaitrose #UpAndGo #UpAndGoUK #WaitroseFood #BreakfastDrink #BreakfastOnTheGo #LittleDish #MyFirstPizza #5pBags #StudentDiet #5p #StudentFood #5pBagCharge #ToddlerFood #5pBag #AsdaPrice #CouponsUK #CouponingUK #DegustaBox #Asda #Tesco #Tescos #TescoValue #Sainsburys #SainsburysBasics #EveryLittleHelps #DegustaBoxUK #WeeklyShop #WeeklyShopping

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Do you have any favourite thrifty Instagrammers? You might also like this list of fashion-savvy Mums to follow.

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  1. Thank you, have followed them all. So excited to see what else they post. Do you have any frugal bloggers you follow also?

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