The Selfie Lottery – win £250 on 31st July or £10 daily

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18 May 2017: The Selfie Lottery has now closed. 

The Selfie Lottery is a new daily game where you can win £10 every single day by uploading a selfie once and checking in every day after noon to see if you are the lucky winner.

To kick off the new Selfie Lottery draw on 31st July 2015, they are offering a massive £250 prize. What's more, if you sign up using my referral link and I happen to win (either the £250 or any £10 draw) then we BOTH win What's more, The Selfie Lottery will double the winnings. If the prize isn't won then it will roll over to the next day, and you will get a 50p bonus for every day you check the site but don't win. This means that if you've checked the website for 10 days, and on the 10th day you win, you will get £10 + 50p x 9, completely free!

If you are lucky enough to win then you can be paid by Paypal or BACS.

Sign up and upload your selfie to The Selfie Lottery now.

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