The secret to saving money every time you eat out

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Eating out at restaurants is a fantastic way to spend an evening with a partner, friends or family – it’s a great way to relax, eat some amazing food, and spend quality time with the people you love. That said, eating out is often reserved for special occasions and celebrations due to the cost involved. But what if I have a secret that can save you money every time you eat out? It’s time to put away the frying pan, hang up the washing up gloves and make eating at restaurants more of a regular treat.

So, what’s my best-kept foodie secret?

It’s Tastecard!

Tastecard is an amazing way to save huge chunks of money when eating out at restaurants, in some eateries you can get a huge 50% discount, and in others you can score two meals for the price of one.

You can trial Tastecard for yourself for 2 whole months, for the cost of £1 PLUS get a £5 Pizza Express voucher. This is an incredible opportunity to save some money- usually you would pay an annual membership of £34.99 for a Tastecard, so make the most of this offer while you can. With over 6,500 participating UK restaurants, the opportunity to save money on eating out has never been bigger.

Restaurant chains such as Pizza Express, Zizzi, La Tasca and Byron burger are a few of the many restaurants offering Tastecard discounts. So whatever cuisine you fancy, you can be sure that there will be a restaurant that caters to you. Hotel chains such as Hilton Hotel Restaurants are also part of the scheme, as well as a whole host of independent restaurants- some even have a Michelin star.

91% of UK residents live or work within 3 miles of a Tastecard restaurant, so it’s likely that you will be able to use your Tastecard on your next meal out. You can use the handy Tastecard app to search for participating restaurants near you, which makes it so easy to discover the smaller independent restaurants- who knows, maybe you’ll even find a new favourite!

Tastecard has over 2.5 million members, each making an average saving of £18.88 per use. With a saving as big as that, it’s an absolute no brainer to try Tastecard out for yourself, for 2 months, for just £1 AND get yourself a £5 voucher for Pizza Express. Members can also use the Tastecard app to access their digital card, write restaurant reviews and see the total savings- so you can easily track the exact amount that you’ve saved over the course of your membership. I don’t know about you, but I love to be able to see my savings tot up over time, and the numbers are right there on the Tastecard app whenever you feel like checking them.  

To avoid any disappointment, it’s a good idea to book a table at your chosen restaurant in advance, as some offers will only be valid on particular days of the week- and you can be certain that these days will get booked up quickly. You will find the contact information for the restaurants using the app which means that it only takes minutes to make a reservation- be sure to mention Tastecard at the time of booking, and show your Tastecard at the end of the meal to secure your discount. It’s also worth noting that some restaurants allow discounts to no more than two diners within a party, cards may not be accepted at peak times such as Fridays or Saturdays, and some establishments will not offer a Tastecard discount during December- be sure to check out all of the details at the time of booking.

If you already love using Tastecard, you can make even more savings with Tastecard+. This is a payable add-on to an annual Tastecard membership that will help save you money on experiences and holidays. Tastecard+ provides discounts on fine dining, hotels, cinema, theatre, live music, comedy, family days out, and competitions. One of the best discounts with the Tastecard+ is the opportunity to get a massive 40% off cinema tickets at Vue, if you’re a movie buff your membership will pay for itself in no time.  

Click here to get 2 months of Tastecard membership and a £5 Pizza Express voucher for just £1. 


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