The Perfect Gift For The Person Who Has Everything

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We all have them. Those people who are impossible to buy for. Whether it is birthdays, Christmas or other special occassions, finding the perfect gift for them fills us with dread. Today I want to share the best gift you can get someone who already has everything.

The gift looks really simple. It consists of a calendar and 12 envelopes.

However it is what is inside those envelopes that is the true gift.

The gift is a year full of experiences with that person.

What experiences to include

The great thing about this gift is that it is totally budget friendly.

Whether you have very little to spend, or a more extravagant budget, this gift fits into either side.

You can also spread out the cost – for example, you don't need to pay for June's activity until closer to the time.

Some free and low cost activities include:

  • A day at the beach
  • A cinema trip
  • Cooking for them
  • Baking together
  • Going for a walk
  • Going out for afternoon tea

More pricey experiences include:

  • A night away together
  • A meal out together
  • Theatre tickets
  • Other experience tickets

You can really get creative with this gift!

Get great experiences from BuyAGift

Buyagift kindly gifted us two experiences to try out to include in this blog post.

We opted for a Dinner Date which we used to get a three course meal at Prezzo with a drink, and Charming Escape for one night away together.

Booking our meal at Prezzo was really simple and we could even do it online. When using vouchers I always worry that the location won't know what to do with the vouchers, but this wasn't the case here.

Upon arriving we were presented with the set menu and asked for our voucher, and then we were able to order as usual. The staff knew exactly how to handle the voucher and it meant we could enjoy our meal without any fuss. We had a lovely three course meal with some of my favourites.

It was a real treat, and best of all it offered fantastic value for money. The gift cost £59.99, however ordering our food individually would have cost us £69.50 – a great saving.

The second gift we are trying out is the Charming Escapes gift, where you can get a night away for two people, choosing from over 290 locations. There really is something for everyone, and we are going to have our escape in the new year when things have calmed down.

Another great thing about buying someone an experience from Buyagift is that if they want to exchange it for a different experience, they can! That takes away the worry of getting a gift they won't like or can't use.

Why the calendar is important

I really like to include a calendar in this gift because you can choose dates for your activities ahead of time. By writing them into the calendar it gives the giftee something to look forward to.

You can choose a calendar that the person will love – from cats to cupcakes, there are plenty of calendars to choose from, and you can pick them up from bargain stores like B&M and Poundland.

How to present your gift

My favourite way to present this gift is inside a gift box.

If you are buying experiences from Buyagift then this also give you the chance to put their Smartboxes into the gift box with the envelope attached – you will see what I mean in the video below.


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  1. Love this idea. I’m all for free 🙂 So much money is spent at Christmas, often, money that can’t be afforded
    There are so many lovely things that can be done with loved ones that won’t break the back

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