The Orchard at Tesco – get free items & more

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The Orchard at Tesco is a program created to improve customer service, products and “create a better Tesco”. Members are asked to evaluate services and products that Tesco provide, free of charge, and provide feedback. Free products have included vouchers for meat, ice cream, fish, party food and so much more.


Getting started is easy. You will need  Tesco Clubcard to register for The Orchard (if you don't have one then you can sign up here), and once registered, you will be invited to participate in different campaigns. The more you participate, the more invitations you will receive in the future. Typically the campaigns will give you vouchers for free items, but sometimes they are also for money off. You will also get vouchers to share with your friends and family.

You can choose to share your input on Twitter and Facebook, add a blog (for exclusive blogger campaigns) and complete surveys to stand a chance of getting invited to more campaigns.

Are you a member of The Orchard at Tesco? What have you gained from the program?

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4 Comments on “The Orchard at Tesco – get free items & more”

  1. I’ve just got icecream with your coupon. Thank you very much. My granddaughter will love it!!

  2. I got £5 voucher off flowers so ordered some red roses for Valentines. Very pleased with my purchase and finding the Orchard really easy to use. Thank you for this blog post as I am going to blog about the Orchard too.

  3. I joined. A while ago 2014 I think. After a flurry of vouchers I have had nothing since Easter and my points don’t go up even though I’m on twitter and Facebook,Pinterest etc.

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