The Mobile Mechanic Life: What It Is And What You Need

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If we all had a choice, we want would to be our own boss. There are so many self-employed people out in the world but they only make up a small percentage of the workforce of a nation. Most of us, work for someone else. Sure we’re in our career and that’s what we like doing, but in the end we would love to be our own boss, running the show. For example if you love doing something you may think that you should find a company that can get you to where you want to go and work from there. A graphic designer might think they need to aim to work for Pixar or a famous marketing company. Why shouldn’t that person have a dream of running their own business and beating out those companies? Take this principle and now implement it into the car world. A mobile mechanic isn’t repairing smartphones, they’re actually a skilled mechanic that runs their own business. They travel to where the next call out is, can charge premium rates, and work to their own hours and liking. This is a great self-employed option for someone that wants to continue on their passion but no longer have to call anyone sir again.

The moving shed

A mobile mechanic needs to bring everything with them that they need to tackle any kind of repair. Unlike a garage, you don’t have a car lift or a dyno but you can still make do. Portable hydraulic jacks, gas pressured tools and computers to monitor the engine are all things you need to fit inside your truck or van. So it should be large and able to bear a lot of weight. Much like an industrial truck, your vehicle should be able to be agile, fit into tight spots but still carry a few tons of equipment. You’ll need to carry just about everything for every scenario with you, so a van designed with hooks, compartments, storage for heavy objects, drawers for screws, nuts and bolts, as well as battery packs to jump start flat car batteries are all things you will need in the van itself.

Possessing a shield

Since you are self-employed all the burden of keeping your name out of the mud relies on you and you alone. However, anything that is manmade is bound to fail at some point. If you do happen to accidentally harm a car that you have been called out on, the customer may take action against you if the problem isn’t resolved. Hence why motor trade insurance is a great shield to have that will protect your business. If something goes wrong, the policy will cover you and repair the car. It could be something minor as a headlight being smashed or something major like an engine block cracking under undue pressure. The insurance deals with an unlimited number of cars which is great since you are a business that will interact with hundreds of cars a year.

A mobile mechanic can be called out much like an independent electrician. Repairing cars that won’t start on the driveway is a common occurrence. However sometimes you might be called out to repair a pricey sports car, so having insurance to shield you in case something unfortunate happens is a good idea.

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