The day I was on the news

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Today has been a crap day. It started out like any other Friday. I get to work from home on Fridays so my body and mind were wide awake at 6am. Why that can't happen on a normal, working day I do not know, but thankfully I only have five more weeks in employment to try and figure that out (remember I quit my job to be a Blogga). the-day-i-was-on-the-news

I was scrolling through Twitter this morning when I saw a tweet from Chris @ ITV about Talk Talk's cyber attack. I'm a Talk Talk customer, and so is my Dad. I manage my Dad's account online for him because he's 70 and he basically knows how to play Freecell and that the internet is somewhere I make money from – that's it. Last night at 11.30pm my Dad received an email from Talk Talk (to one of my email addresses, remember that I manage his account) but this morning I didn't have an email from Talk Talk about my account. So I responded to Chris telling him that.

I thought nothing more of it and headed out to Aldi at 8am. It was torture. This is why I don't shop at Aldi anymore. But I wanted to save money. I got home and smashed a new 2l Kilner jar I had just treated myself to after months of debate.

It just hasn't been a good day. But working from home is better than being in the office, so I tried to get on with it.

Just before 2pm I checked my DMs on Twitter and ITV were on their way to my village and wanted me to ring them ASAP. AHHHHHHHHHHHH. A quick phone call confirmed my annoyance at Talk Talk and yes, I'll be filmed for tonight's news. No biggie. Oh and the cameraman will be here at around 2pm.

Panic station – where do I begin? We've been putting off changing the cat litter for a few days and it reeks, but I also haven't put make up on. Oh and I still hadn't managed to put away all the shopping from earlier, thanks to needing to clear the broken glass. There was a pile of washing up and the house needed to be vacuumed. I rushed around doing what I thought were the most important things…then ITV let me know that the cameraman would be here at 3pm – THANK GOODNESS.

This extra time gave me a few minutes to blitz my hair with some dry shampoo (my appearance was brought to you by Batiste dry shampoo), get a drink and CALM DOWN.

The cameraman soon arrived and the whole thing was over so quickly. Being interviewed for the news isn't glamorous. At all. I had to exaggerate my mouse movements and pretend to type something Very Important. It was very important and I tried to type “From Aldi To Harrods” about 50 times. In hindsight I should have left some business cards out or had my blog open in the background.

The cameraman kindly let Tony take some action shots after I explained about my blog and everything. He even let me go and SIT IN THE NEWS VAN viewing my footage. When I thanked him he told me it was okay…he dealt with excited children every day.

It was all over in about 20 minutes. My rise to stardom…all done. 


I have no idea how it will look edited. Heck I have no idea if ITV were filming 10 people for this and will only choose one or if I'm the only chosen one. WHO KNOWS!

So…hopefully I will be on the ITV national news at 6.30pm tonight. Or 7.30pm if you use ITV+1. I don't think it is on catch up. HEY can someone record it for me please? I'm too cheap for Sky.

Ps. now I know what being on camera is like, please feel free to sign me up for everything!

Pps. autographs are now £5.

Disease Called Debt

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4 Comments on “The day I was on the news”

  1. Why don’t you video record it from your phone! Watch it first on normal tv, then when +1 comes on you know when to record it!

  2. It sounds just as glam as being on the radio – I was asked to go on You and Yours once and spent three minutes in a tiny cupboard talking to someone in Manchester from a studio in Newcastle.

    I’m sure you’ll have done great though! Looking forward to seeing it.

  3. I was on BBC and ITV news earlier this year and it was kind of cool! Fortunately they weren’t at my house though 😉 Watching ITV to see if you turn up!

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