How to survive the quiet months of blogging

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How to survive the quiet months of blogging

Being a blogger comes with lots of challenges, and managing cash flow is one of them. It is often an industry where it is feast or famine, and I have had to learn to survive the quiet months when it comes to blogging. Here are my tips for how to survive the quiet months of blogging.



How to survive the quiet months of blogging

What is a quiet month?

A quiet blogging month can refer to a few things.

It can refer to your traffic, where it is lower than usual.

It can refer to your sponsored posts – where you don't have anything agreed.

It can refer to your income, from affiliates or other income streams.

In this post, we are going to focus on the quiet months being where you don't have as much money coming in.

Which months are quiet months in the blogging calendar?

Ask any two bloggers and they probably have different quiet months.

For me, July and August are quiet on sponsored posts, and December is usually the month where I see a drop in affiliate income. The whole of summer is quieter for traffic to my blog.

Knowing your blog's quiet months is going to help you to come up with a strategy for success.

Be prepared for the quiet months of blogging

This one is easier said than done, and certainly something I struggle to do.

In the good months, when there is lots of work flowing, try to put aside some of the money you earn.

This isn't always possible to do, but this would be the single best way to cope with the quiet months.

Increase your affiliate income 2-3 months before your quiet months

Affiliate marketing is my favourite way to monetise my blog. It is where I earn a commission for promoting a product or service to my audience.

Commission from affiliate marketing sales takes awhile to get paid – usually you are looking at 30-90 days after you have achieved a sale.

Ramping up your affiliate marketing efforts and creating a fool proof affiliate marketing strategy 2-3 months before your quiet months hit means that you can still have money in your bank, even if sponsored work is quiet.

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Check in with people you have worked with before

If you have worked with a brand within the past few months and managed to get them great results then this is the perfect time to get back in touch with them and offer them an ‘upsell'.

For example, if you did a blog post for a brand, you might want to get in touch with them offering them a YouTube video, sponsoring your newsletter or a social media campaign.

This can be so rewarding, and definitely worth spending a few hours on.

Apply for jobs on Get Blogged

Get Blogged is still a relatively new blogger agency, and I believe the pay isn't as ideal as it could be, but when needs must then they must! I have seen as many as 150+ jobs on there at one time which could give you a welcome boost when you need it.

Contact people who wanted to work with you

Sometimes you will receive an email from someone wanting to work with you, and after you reply the email chain goes cold.

A really powerful task to do, if you aren't already doing it as part of your blogging working week, is to make contact with those people to see if they still want to work with you.

Sometimes a simple email asking if there were any issues can open to a lot of work. In the past I've had people reply telling me that they couldn't quite stretch to my fees, which has opened a negotiation. Other times they had just missed my reply, or they had run out of budget that month.

Send your updated media kit

This is another great way to get in touch with brands you have worked with previously, or who have asked for your details and then gone cold.

Update your media kit to show your latest stats and email them over. You never know what work might come from it!

Plan a sale on your product

If you have a product such as an ebook or course then your quiet months are a great time to put a sale on them.

By discounting your product or products and letting your audience know about the sale, you can get some income coming in during your quiet months.

You can promote your sale in a variety of ways including:

  • A dedicated blog post
  • A banner on your site
  • An email to your mailing list
  • Promoting on social media

Use the quiet months to improve your blog

Whilst my favourite saying when it comes to blogging is ‘progress not perfection', the quiet months give you a chance to work on things that you have been putting off, or that you have never found the time to do.

It could be going and improving your top 10 blog posts, working on SEO or finally completing that course you bought last year. Whatever it is, the quiet months give you a chance to make improvements to your blog so that you can you can benefit from them.

Take a break

If your budget allows it then it might be worth considering taking a break in the quiet blogging months. A break will leave you relaxed and refreshed, meaning that you can tackle blogging assignments with a fresh perspective when you come back.

How to survive the quiet months of blogging


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  1. Wise words. It’s hard to prepare for the lows of working for yourself but these will certainly put me in good stead! Thanks x

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