How to survive Cheltenham 2017 as a matched bettor

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How to survive Cheltenham 2017 as a matched bettor

Cheltenham is one of the busiest times for us matched bettors, and there is plenty of money to be made. Last year I made £552 over the festival, even though I lost my beloved Betfair Sportsbook to being gubbed – sad times. Here are my tips for surviving Cheltenham 2017.

How to survive Cheltenham 2017 as a matched bettor

Get Profit Accumulator Platinum for £1 for 7 days.

If you can only do matched betting around work or other commitments over the festival, look for offers where the free bet won't expire before you get back to use it.

If you have a goal, don't get too fixated on it. There's no magic formula that says having £x in your bank means you'll make £y. Do what you can and enjoy your profits.

Read each offer carefully. The offers can vary greatly, and you might find that the same bookies change their rules on different days. Don't get too comfortable and make sure you check which races the offers apply to, as well as remembering things like Smarkets have 0% commission on the first Cheltenham race every day.

Remember that liability on the same race will be reduced if you are laying different outcomes. This means that you can often make use of more offers than you originally thought.

Two words, Match Catcher. You'll get it free for the first day of Cheltenham and it might be worth upgrading for a month. This will help you to find close matches easily and save you so, so much time. Don't forget to set up your alerts. Sign up at

Familiarise yourself with horse racing refunds as soon as you can. These are different to straightforward opening offers, and take some getting used to, especially if you haven't done any before. They are easy though, and feel free to ask any questions along the way.

Remember to keep your qualifying losses low. I aim for £1.50 per £25 bet, although sometimes I'm happy to take that up to £2. Remember that these qualifying losses add up, and can easily eat into your profit.

If possible, tackle the offers in race order. If you tackle the last race of the day first then you might run out of money in your exchange, meaning that you can't make use of the offers throughout the day.

Keep on track of your free bets so they don't expire or get forgotten about. This one is pretty self explanatory – it would be a shame to get a free bet and it expires because you forgot about it. Set alarms, jot it down on paper, whatever.

Hydrate. This one is so simple, but there is so much going on that you need to make sure you are hydrated and eating properly too. Take breaks too.

Set alarms on your phone for races. This is especially useful if you are getting a free bet for the next race.

Make sure other people in the house know what you're doing so that you don't get disturbed. I know, I know…kids and husbands can be annoying, but if at all possible, let them know that you can't be disturbed whilst getting your bets on.

Check your emails for offers that have been sent to you. Sometimes you will receive offers that don't appear on the bookie website.

Look for price boosts to get more profit.

Have multiple screens if possible. Another laptop, tablet or even your phone will help.

Keep an eye on the locked in profit thread on Profit Accumulator.

Paper. Lots of paper. And notes. And good record keeping.

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How to survive Cheltenham 2017 as a matched bettor


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