Survey Site: GlobalTestMarket

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Survey Site: GlobalTestMarket

Completing online surveys has a reputation of being a lot of work for very little money, and whilst this is the case for a lot of the survey websites out there, GlobalTestMarket still remains one of the forerunners in survey websites.

Completing online surveys has a reputation of being a lot of work for very little money but GlobalTestMarket still remains one of the best survey websites by Emma at #MakingMoney #MoneyMaking #EarnMoney #SurveySites

How to earn

GlobalTestMarket pay for completion of their surveys with MarketPoints, with the average survey paying around 35 MarketPoints. You can be invited to between four to six emails per day. Although you will naturally be screened out of surveys, GlobalTestMarket will often offer entries into their sweepstakes to make up for your time spent on the survey so far.

Getting paid

The MarketPoints that you are awarded for completing surveys can be converted into different payment methods. There are many to choose from, such as:

174 MarketPoints for a £5 Amazon voucher
174 MarketPoints for a £5 HungryHouse voucher
182 MarketPoints for £5 via Paypal
221 MarketPoints for a £5 Boots voucher
347 MarketPoints for a £10 Amazon voucher
363 MarketPoints for £10 via Paypal
378 MarketPoints for a £10 Argos voucher
378 MarketPoints for a £10 H Samuel voucher
378 MarketPoints for a £10 New Look voucher

And many, many more to choose from.

Referral program

For every friend you successfully refer to GlobalTestMarket, you will earn 20 MarketPoints. You must submit your friend's email address via the GlobalTestMarket website.


For those of you with a smart phone, there is also a GlobalTestMarket mobile phone app, available for iOS and Android. This allows you to complete surveys on the move. It is also available for tablets.


In addition to the MarketPoints on offer, there are regular prize draws available. These sweepstakes run quarterly, and the prizes are as follows:

  • One quarterly first prize of £500 in Panel Points
  • Two quarterly special prizes of £250 in Panel Points
  • One hundred quarterly special prizes of £5 Panel Points

You will earn entries for completing surveys and when you are screened out of survey.

Extra info

Like all survey sites, you get out what you put in! By regularly completing surveys you can look to cash out every couple of days, especially if you choose the lower valued rewards.

Sometimes completing a survey can lead to more opportunities, such as product testing and focus groups. Keep an eye out when you are completing a survey.

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3 Comments on “Survey Site: GlobalTestMarket”

  1. I love GlobalTestMarket, I make a nice chunk of money each month from there. You have to redeem over 1000 points now to cashout, which is a shame, but it definitely encourages me to attempt more surveys. The cashout is more substantial too which is always nice.

  2. Surveys are definitely something we have been looking at doing. I think our biggest stumbling block is finding the time. I’m thinking of getting up 15mins early each morning to enter them and see how I go.

    I definitely think there is a potential to earn money each month but you’ve got to put the effort in and keep it consistent!

  3. I love GTM too. I cash out roughly every couple of months £30 via PayPal.
    Plenty of surveys so a good chance of getting a few that you will actually qualify for.

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