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Nowadays you can earn money from your selfie, your postcode, your number plate, your telephone number, your birthday and so much more. It seems that there are new free lottery websites popping up every day offering you the chance to win some money completely free of charge. It is really important that we support these websites so that they can turn into a long term success!

What are free lottery websites

Free lottery websites are free daily (or weekly) prize draws. Entering is really simple – simply register for each site and input the details required (registering your phone numbers, etc)  and bookmark the websites. Then check them every day to see if you have won. The websites make money from advertising revenue, which is then shared with you.

I have won with The Selfie Lottery twice, and Ashleigh Money Saver's draw once. If you are looking for easy ways to make some extra money then it is definitely worth joining and bookmarking these websites.

Here are some of my favourite free lottery websites:

  1. The Selfie Lottery – 18 May 2017: The Selfie Lottery has now closed. 
  2. Lucky Phone
  3. The Free Postcode Lottery
  4. Ashleigh Money Saver’s £50 daily draw
  5. Free Birthdate Lottery
  6. Number Plate Lotto
  7. Free Lucky Day Lottery
  8. The Street Lottery
  9. Date of Birth Lotto
  10. Free Lucky Lottery

Why support free lottery websites

There are a number of reasons to help support free lottery websites. The first one, and the most obvious, it that by giving our support the websites can stay functioning. I have already seen one lottery website come and go within a few months which is such a shame

More support means that the websites are earning more money, which in turn means bigger prizes! A great example of this is the Free Postcode Lottery – they are now giving away a massive £200 in the main draw every single day, with plenty of other ways to win money on the side.

How to support the free lottery websites

There are plenty of ways to show your support for your favourite free lottery websites. Let's explore them below.

Show the adverts

Free lottery websites primarily make their income from advertising, so if you have Adblock installed on your computer browser then you can support your favourite free lottery website by disabling it. Disabling adblock for certain websites is simple, just click on the icon in your browser and click on “enabled on this website” to turn it off. You can also do this on websites you want to support, such as your favourite money saving websites, forums and blogs.


Clicking on relevant adverts that you genuinely have an interest in will also help to support your favourite free lottery websites. Make sure you only click on adverts that you have a genuine interest in, as advertisers are quite clued up and they could penalise websites for having too many clicks in a short space of time.

Get involved in their social media

By following your favourite free lottery websites you can help them out in more ways than you realise! You can be as active as you want – simply liking them on Facebook or following them on Twitter helps them, but did you know that Facebook's algorithms mean that the more people who interact with a page's posts, the more Facebook shows others that post? Facebook are trying to encourage page owners to pay for their posts to be seen by more people, but simply hitting “like” when you see an update from your favourite websites means that more people will see it and increase the reach of the post. Even better, you could comment on updates, share or retweet to get the word out.

Higher social media followers also mean that behind the scenes the website owners can use these numbers to secure future advertising deals or even competitions for their followers.

Tell others about them

Free lottery websites rely on advertising revenue, so whilst you might want to keep the entry pool small, the more members there are then the better! More members means that there are more people clicking on the websites regularly, so they can offer more incentives to keep readers coming back. This could be a bigger prize pot, more regular draws, additional prize draws or something else that is a benefit to the users!

Remember that supporting these free lottery websites means that they are more likely to stay, and there's more money to be won!

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  1. Great post, thanks Emma! Apart from the chance to win prizes, I love how these sites end up forming mini communities. Oh and members can take part on referral programs for a chance to win/earn more. This also helps the sites themselves! 🙂

  2. Hi Emma – there are a couple of others – emoji lottery, lucky patch & Raffler (an app) – fan post!

  3. Great article Emma. I’ve played a few of the ones in your list and have also won on one of them too! Another great free lottery app is Raffall. (

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