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These days different banks and credit cards offer different perks, resulting in many of us having more than one bank account and maybe even more than one credit card. Wouldn't it be amazing if you can combine them all into just one card? I've teamed up with Curve to tell you exactly how you can do just that.

Introducing the Curve Card

The Curve card takes all of your bank and credit cards and allow you to mimic these cards with one card.

Basically you choose which card you want the Curve card to link to using the Curve App.

If you want to make a purchase in a supermarket using your joint bank card then you would select this in the Curve app, and then if you wanted to go on to purchase something in a clothing store using your personal bank card you can switch this easily.

And if you make a mistake and pay on the wrong card, Curve makes it possible to move the transaction it to another one, using the Go Back In Time feature.

This means that you need just one card in your purse or wallet instead of carting them all around with you.

What about security with Curve?

When it comes to banking and using cards you want to know that what you are using is secure.

Curve helps you out in so many ways.

Curve protects your personal details as well as your data. Your debit and credit card details aren’t visible in the app, which means that the only information you carry with you and share with the merchants you pay at are on your Curve card. 

Your physical Curve card is protected using the latest bank level technology.

With intelligent fraud protection you will receive an instant alert every time that your card is used. You can also instantly lock the card within the app if you see a fraudulent payment, or you have dropped or lost your card. It is as easy as sliding a button to stop any more use of the card.

Curve also uses end-to-end encryption to ensure that your privacy and data are secure, and adds an additional layer of protection around your accounts.

Get cashback & rewards with Curve

Another great benefit of using Curve is the cashback on offer.

All new customers will be able to get three months of 1% cashback at three major brands. If you opt for a Curve Black card then you will get cashback at six major brands.

I love getting cashback on my spending – you might as well get cashback where you can! 1% is quite generous – my cashback credit card only gives me 0.5% cashback on my spending.

This means that for every £1,000 spent on the card at three major retailers, you will get £10 back.

You can also make sure that you earn your regular credit cash back at even more places. You can use the Curve debit card linked to your credit card making it possible to pay with credit even where it’s not accepted.

Save money on foreign currency payments

Curve converts any foreign transaction you make, back to the home currency of your card for free.

Instead of your bank converting foreign exchange transactions at bank rates, you’re able to access the MasterCard preferred rates on both credit and debit cards that are used through Curve.

Get insights into your spending

If you want to monitor your spending and get on top of budgeting then Curve's Insights will help you.

You will get a detailed display of your monthly spending behaviour to see if you are hitting your budgeting goals. You can also drill down even further and find insights on individual purchases. You can also categorise your spending to see where your money is really going every month.

These handy insights will help you to get a grip on your finances again, and take your budget back to basics.

How much does Curve cost?

There are two options when it comes to choosing the right Curve card for you.

You can choose a free Curve card, or opt for a £50 Curve Black card that will give you double your instant cashback rewards.

There is a small fee when using the card to make cash withdrawals.

Get Curve & £5 for free

If you would like to try Curve for yourself then click here to sign up.

Enter the referral code ‘EMMAD’ when prompted during the sign up to get £5 after your first transaction.

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