Snatch review & how to win top prizes

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Snatch is the latest app craze where users can play a free, virtual treasure hunt. Using augmented reality (the same as Pokemon Go), players grab parcels virtually and protect them from other players who are trying to Snatch them away. Simply keep hold of your parcel for 6 hours and bam, it is yours! Here is my Snatch review.

Once a parcel becomes yours, you can open up your parcel to reveal a whole host of fantastic prizes. There are thousands of prizes from top brands available, including cash, Now TV passes, a free holiday, tickets to a gig, coins for the game and lots, lots more.

You can also attempt to Snatch parcels from other places close by. Each attempt costs you 25 coins, and it might not be successful. If you manage to Snatch a parcel and keep hold of it for 6 hours then the prize is yours!

You might think that you need to get out and about, exploring your local area to win prizes. Whilst there are a lot more prizes available where more players are located, you can still win prizes from the comfort of your own home.

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Invite your friends to Snatch

Snatch offer you two fantastic incentives to invite your friends to play. First of all, they will place more parcels near you when more people are playing. Secondly, both you and your friend will get extra coins if they register using your invitation code of link.

What I have won from Snatch

I discovered Snatch when my phone was sent away for repair, and being limited to just my iPad meant that I couldn't go around looking for parcels or Snatching from other players. Despite this, I have managed to win myself some prizes. I have won coins for the game (so that I can make more Snatch attempts) , 2 month Now TV entertainment passes and £1 cash.

Snatch review - my prizes

One thing to be careful of, especially with the Now TV passes, is that sometimes you will be entered into an automatic billing cycle if you don't cancel before the end of your freebie. In the case of Now TV, you will be charged £6.99 per month after 2 months if you forget to cancel. Be sure to set a reminder to cancel this (unless, of course, you want to continue using the service).

You can also set your preferences to choose which prizes you would most like to win. I have chosen cash and Now TV passes as mine – you can select as many as you like.

Snatch Golden Parcel

How do you know if you have snatched a golden parcel with a cash prize? As soon as you snatch or pick up the parcel, you will be told that you have picked up a golden parcel. Then you can work hard to keep hold of your parcel for 6 hours and get your cash prize.

My conclusion about Snatch

Snatch is a really fun game to have installed on your phone, and sure, you might win some prizes along the way. It isn't a massive money maker, unlike the side hustle that earned me £12,000 in 12 months, or the mystery shopping task that pays out a massive £50. If you are looking for genuine ways to make extra money then check out my 6 week FREE money making course, delivered directly to your inbox.

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6 Comments on “Snatch review & how to win top prizes”

  1. I love your posts. Always so helpful! Gotta try that snatch, although I live in the area that nothing ever like that is available… Thanks for posting nevertheless!

  2. Snatch lets you win a lot of useless prizes like now tv subscriptions, but you need a now tv box to make use of and if you have the entertainment already u can’t use the code anyway. They also give you discount on a certain book that nobody ever heard of or discounts to some weird online shops, or an online copy of some never heard of magazine. I won a few of these. Ut never been able to use them. I also won 1 pound. But it takes about half hour to actually start the process of it being credited to your account. It’s a nice app at the. Eginning but it’s just pointless. If they gave u something u can use, something a norma person could use.

    1. I’m sorry you’ve had such an experience with Snatch, it certainly hasn’t echoed my experience. I had my cash paid quickly after setting up my details, which took moments, and I’m using Now TV without a Now TV box.

  3. Sophi you have to make a brand new account best one I.had was a month sky.sports pass half price so only 15 pounds cheaper than sky anyone.that can’t redeem there now tv passes just make brand new account.for now tv then when your done cancel and.discard of the account.and.rinse repeat

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